What To Do On Christmas Morning

what to do on Christmas morning

Wondering what to do on Christmas morning? The excitement and fun of the Christmas season is pure magic.

You can make Christmas even more magical with some great Christmas morning family activities.

Keep reading for some awesome Christmas morning ideas. 

Christmas Morning Scavenger Hunt 

If your family exchanges gifts (or waits for Santa to show up on Christmas Eve) one of your Christmas morning traditions is probably opening gifts together as a family.

Once everyone has unwrapped their gifts, the fun is usually over, sometimes even before 8 am. 

There’s no denying that this gift-giving time is always magical and is a great time for family bonding. Why not have a fun scavenger hunt to prolong the Christmas magic?

After you’re done opening the gifts under the tree, you can hide the last set of gifts somewhere in the house and have everyone help each other find the gifts.

When you get all the hidden gifts, come back together and open your final gift of the day. It will be a fun experience, plus it’s excellent for stimulating a sense of adventure and memory for kids. 

what to do on Christmas morning

Have An Elf Day 

The best part of the Christmas season is the spirit of giving and the atmosphere of caring that takes over.

To celebrate Christmas morning, why not have the whole family go out and be helper elves?

Do something nice for someone else. You can bake for your neighbors and spread a huge serving of love with baked goodies.

Or maybe check in on older people in your neighborhood, make them some coffee or just chat and let them enjoy some good company. 

You might even select some old toys with your kids and give them away to struggling kids. Regardless of what you decide to do, you can be assured that you’ll get all the warm fuzzies that make your Christmas morning oh so special. 

On top of the warm feelings, you’ll teach your kids some valuable lessons that can help them grow into compassionate human beings. 

Enjoy A Christmas Movie

Bringing the family together to cuddle over a movie is a great tradition to start a beautiful Christmas morning.

You can take turns to pick a family Christmas movie each year and enjoy some family bonding time.

If you want a change of environment, you can opt to go to the movies together as a family. 

A great Christmas movie will bring wholesome fun for the whole family. Plus, you get the chance to relive the meaning of Christmas. Remember to pick a movie that the entire family will enjoy.

If you have smaller kids, sitting through a whole movie might be a tall order, consider having breaks in-between for other activities. 

Craft Time With The Family

Crafting is an age-old activity that’s fun for the whole family. You can get into some exciting crafting activities that the family will enjoy. Here are a couple of fun ideas to try:

  • Old toilet roll reindeer
  • Hand-printed plates
  • Paper plate Christmas tree
  • Bubble wrap and playdough ornaments

You can think of lots more crafts to do. 

If you have older kids, think of age-appropriate crafts that they’ll appreciate, like scratch art or painting. 

There’s no limit to Christmas morning activities. So bring out the glue, paper and whatever else you want to use and let the fun begin.  

Special Christmas Breakfast

There’s always something special about a shared meal. Eating a special breakfast meal will wrap up your Christmas morning activities beautifully.

You can search for some new recipes online and create a unique breakfast, something you’ve never had before. 

Or prepare a traditional meal that will be your family’s hallmark for each Christmas holiday. Your kids will love the start of a new family tradition and will be enjoying it with their own little ones when they are grown. 

If you’re up for it, prepare the meal with your whole family. It will be an exciting family affair. If you want to make it more special, include everyone’s favorite dish and make it a feast to remember. 

Christmas Morning Games 

What’s more fun than game night? Well, it has to be games on Christmas morning. Playing your favorite games coupled with the excitement and magic of Christmas is a sure way to create lasting memories. 

After you’re done with the presents, and you’ve had some breakfast, let the games begin. Bring out the board games or come up with some great ideas for games you can try at home.

Who knows, you might just create a winner and start a tradition that will last generations. 

You can play as many games as you feel like. Switch things up every so often to keep the kids interested. Think about some familiar games like scrabble, monopoly or snakes and ladders, depending on how old your kids are.

Or you can have some fun with Christmas minute to win it games. You might even throw in some karaoke. 

Remember to keep it fun, not too competitive; you don’t want to be the Grinch that stole Christmas morning. 


Go Out With The Family

If your vibe is more into the outdoors, you can take a trip out for Christmas morning. Find somewhere to go where you can bond with the family and have some fun. For instance, you can go skiing, or look for any other family-friendly fun place to go. 

If the weather doesn’t permit an excursion, you have an excuse to simulate a tour right in your home.

Come up with a theme and decorate your house so that you’ll feel like you are somewhere else. 

If you want to go all in, you can consider buying some equipment for virtual reality or 360 degree tours. Your experience will be worth the effort. 

Family Photoshoot 

What do you do on Christmas morning? You wear matching pajamas, that’s what. It will be fun, and you’ll look cute together.

Why not add to the fun with a family photoshoot? Get shots in your matching pajamas first. 

Then have a change of clothing and get even more pictures taken. Try to think of different fun themes to make it more interesting. A fun reenactment or matching outfits will take your photoshoot a notch up. 

Remember not to make it a high-pressure shoot; instead, go with the flow and enjoy each other’s company. Try to keep the little ones entertained with some music and dance in between shoots. 

You’ll make some great memories that are sure to last a lifetime. 


Relax With The Family

After all, is said and done, there’s nothing better than simply relaxing and enjoy each other’s company in a no-pressure environment. So just kick back, put your legs up and do absolutely nothing. 

As strange as it may seem, you can have the most fulfilling time just soaking in the magic of Christmas. You don’t even have to talk; just lying there knowing you are all happy and content is enough.

Final thoughts

Capturing and prolonging the Christmas magic is one of the best gifts you can give your family. Spending some time together and bonding over some fun activities will make your day more memorable.

So if you have been wondering what to do on Christmas morning, we hope these ideas will inspire you.

Remember to plan all your activities around sleep and nap times for your little babies. If you don’t plan your timing right, you’ll have a cranky, overtired and hungry baby- and we all know how that goes. 


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