Can You Use A Diaper Genie For Depends?

Can you use a diaper genie for depends

If you are looking for a  way to dispose of adult diapers and you have a diaper genie lying around, you may be wondering can you use a diaper genie for depends? 

Yes, you can use a diaper genie for depends, but it’s not a good idea. Keep reading to find out why. 

Should You Use A Diaper Genie For Adult Diapers?

If you use depends, you will undoubtedly want to maintain discretion, including how you dispose of them. 

As mentioned before, you can use a diaper genie. But it’s important to know that it won’t be as effective. To understand why, let’s talk a bit about how diaper genies work.

Can you use a diaper genie for depends

Diaper genie mechanism

The diaper genie is much like an ordinary trash can. The major difference is that it is specially designed to trap foul odors from the baby’s diapers. 

This is because it has a seven-fold layer of diaper pail bags in the interior to seal the contents of the diaper inside. That way, you won’t be able to smell anything from inside. 

The diaper genie mechanism also includes an instant shut technology which allows you to open the bin to throw your diaper in. 

Once the diaper is in the bag, it will close and immediately shut off the opening to prevent smells from escaping. 

In addition, some will have a carbon filtration system designed to further prevent any smells from escaping. 

However, it was specifically designed for kids’ diapers so it won’t entirely hold the heavier smells from soiled adult diapers. 


Apart from the smell locking technology being unable to function effectively for adult diapers, the size is also a factor to contend with. 

Diaper genies are designed to hold baby diapers and fill up quickly when you throw in adult diapers. 

This will mean you have to constantly change the bags in the disposal compartment of the genie, which will be inconvenient and tiresome. 

Moreover, the opening is small which means you will have to struggle to fit an adult diaper. This will interfere with the instant shut technology. 

If your choices come down to a regular trash can (this one does the job though) or diaper genie then a diaper genie would be better. While it may serve you a lot better than a regular trash can, it’s not highly recommended for the reasons mentioned above. 

That brings us to the question of what you should be using instead. 

Is There An Adult Diaper Genie? 

Yes, adult diaper disposal pails are available, though you wouldn’t call them diaper genies, to be exact. 

Adult diaper pails have a similar mechanism to the diaper genies with airlock technology that prevents the air from within the bucket from getting outside. 

Adult diaper pails are more suited for disposing of depends. With the adult version, you won’t have to ask the question: Can you use a diaper genie for depends again. 

They are large enough because they are designed to accommodate bigger diapers. 

They also have larger openings to accommodate adult-sized diapers. It beats trying to fit depends through the opening of baby diaper genies which can be a task and a half— messy and not user-friendly. 

On top of that, they have more internal storage space to hold bigger diapers. Because you can keep more diapers inside the storage bin, you don’t need to empty them every so often. 

This is both convenient and saves on the cost of liners in the long term. 

They have odor-free disposal technology. The odor trap door closes as soon as the diaper passes through. 

This is the same technology that makes the diaper genie tick. Some adult pails also have the same carbon filter mechanism used by diaper genies to clean the air and stop odors from getting out.

Adult diapers disposal units usually also have rubber gaskets to ensure a tight seal for improved odor control. 

When it comes to the lining, the adult version of diapers disposal bins has a much thicker lining which can keep the odor inside. 

The disposal bags are also usually scented, depending on the brand. The scent helps to mask the bad smells. 

All these odor trapping improvements make it easier to use and dispose of depends effectively. You don’t have to worry about living with the smell of soiled diapers in your home. 


What To Consider In An Adult Diaper Disposal Unit


A good diaper disposal system must be easy to use. 

The lid should open at the slightest tap of your foot, and it shouldn’t require you to use your hands. It should also be easy to replace the lining and empty the bin. 


The exterior of a suitable disposal unit should look just like any other furniture item. 

Whether you use it in the bedroom or bathroom, it shouldn’t stand out or be plain for everyone to see that it’s a diaper disposal unit. 


It should be high enough to use easily without bending down or reaching up. 

How To Use An Adult Diaper Disposal Bin

Your diaper disposal unit will last longer and control odors perfectly if you use it correctly. Here’s how to  dispose of dirty depends  correctly:

First, you need to tie the diaper tightly, so it resembles a small ball.

Then, you simply need to throw the diaper into the disposal unit. When the bag is full, you can open the front hatch, pull it out and dispose of it.

You can also get these adult disposable liners for cheap. They’re odour resistant and will allow for hygienic disposal of adult diapers.

Next, tie the end of the liner, and it’s ready to use for another full load of diapers. You don’t need to worry about any fancy mechanics. 

Final Verdict: Can you use a diaper genie for depends?

In conclusion, the answer to the question of whether you can use a diaper genie depends is yes, but you should consider a better option. Diaper genies work best for small baby diapers, not so much for depends. So rather than using the diapers genies, opt for adult diaper disposals which will be easier to use.

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