Spanish Christmas Baby Names For Your Christmas Miracle

december Spanish baby names

Feliz Navidad! You’re expecting a holiday bundle of joy.

Christmas time is truly magical and Christmas babies are a true holiday blessing. Certainly better than any gift that will be waiting for you under the Christmas tree.

What better way to celebrate your Christmas baby than with a beautiful Spanish baby name paying tribute to the holiday season?

From biblical names to nontraditional Christmas-themed names, we have the perfect list of Spanish Christmas baby names for your winter baby.

Beautiful Spanish Christmas Girl Names

beautiful baby girl next to christmas tree

These beautiful Spanish names are perfect for girls born during the festive season from December through January.


This name can be pronounced in English and Spanish. It’s the perfect name for your Christmas angel.


Another option for your angelic baby girl. This heavenly name can be pronounced in English and Spanish.


The Spanish word for Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born.


A religious name for a girl born on December 8th, Immaculate Conception Day.


This girl’s name translates to Christian, meaning follower of Christ.


Another great name for a Christian girl born this holiday season.


Meaning hope. Good wishes for the New Year.


Translation: Star. Referring to the North Star, which in the bible led the Three Kings to Bethlehem where the birth of Jesus Christ had occurred. Nickname Star.


Literal translation: Eve. Perfect for your little girl born on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Alternate meaning: Giver of life. A biblical name for the first woman.


Remember the Angel Gabriel. Easily pronounced in English and Spanish. This beautiful name can be shortened to Gabby. It is a classic name and one of my all-time favorites!


Translation: Glory. A song of praise often sung during Christmas time.


The female version of Joseph, Jesus’s father.


Another name for luz meaning light.


For those who are nonreligious, a reference to the Christmas lights that light up the holiday season. Also, a name referring to the Virgin Mary, Maria de la Luz.


Translation: Mary. The mother of Jesus. A popular name in Spanish-speaking countries.

Natalia, Natalie, or Nathaly

Three similar names meaning “birth of the Lord.” These beautiful Spanish names are perfect for the Christmas season.


Translation Nativity, meaning Jesus’s birth. This rare baby name conjures up thoughts of a beautiful Christmas nativity scene.


Literal translation Christmas. The perfect Spanish baby girl name for your Christmas miracle.


A cute Christmas name for girls. It’s a biblical name meaning of Nazareth, Christ’s childhood home.


Female version of Noel, the french word for Christmas. A very pretty name for your little girl born on Christmas.


A nontraditional Christmas name. Paloma means dove, a symbol of peace.

A reference to “Peace on Earth” – lyrics from the classic Christmas hymn Hark the Herald Angels sing.

Also a reference to Peace, Love and Joy – best wishes for the holiday season.


Translation meaning Peace.

A unique baby name of Spanish origin that is anything but ordinary. From Peace, Love, and Joy – good wishes for the holiday season.


A traditional name that honors the Virgin Mary.

Christmas Boy Names

baby in santa hat

Check out these Christmas-inspired baby names for boys.


Meaning Christian. A beautiful boy’s name for any time of the year.


A Hebrew name meaning “God is with us.”


Translation Incarnation. Referring to the Incarnation of Christ.


This name honors the Archangel Gabriel who appeared before Mary and revealed to her that she had been chosen by God as the mother of Jesus.


A popular choice for baby boys. And, what better name for a baby boy born on Christmas Day.


The Spanish name for Joseph, the father of Jesus.


December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day.

The memory of Old Saint Nick lives on through our modern-day Santa Claus.


Translation kings.

This a reference to the Three Wise Men or Los Reyes Magos who traveled to Bethlehem to visit baby Jesus.

Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6th with a Rosca de Reyes and (more) gifts for the children.


One of the Three Kings


Another one of the Three Wisemen


The third of the Three Kings


If you are looking for a non-biblical name, this name is taken from the beloved Christmas carol Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


Meaning savior, in reference to Christ the Savior.

Spanish Unisex Christmas-Inspired Names

baby in santa hat

Don’t miss these gender neutral baby names for the winter season.


A unisex name that is perfect for your Christmas angel.


A classic unisex name that can be pronounced easily in English or Spanish.

Nickname: Cris.


For a boy or girl born on December 12th.

This day is celebrated as the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This Mexican holiday celebrates the appearance of the Virgin de Guadalupe to Juan Diego in 1531.


This French name is pronounced easily in English and Spanish. A unisex name meaning Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Enjoy Mom Life!

What did you name your Christmas baby? Leave a comment and tell us below.

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