Romantic Spanish Girl Names

Trust the Spanish to make everything sound romantic, and that includes your little lady’s name.

Spain is a beautiful country with good food and wine, guitar music, roses, and sunshine. It’s hard not to be swept away by Spain’s charm! Of course, Spain is also home to many lovely ladies who are striking and sweet at the same time. You might as well give your baby girl a romantic Spanish name that befits a reina or a princesa! Whether you’re a fan of Spanish culture or want to reconnect with your roots, a beautiful Spanish name for your baby girl will be a great choice.

We know you’ve been looking at several names for your little princess, so we’ve done some research to help you find the perfect name for your girl. Here are a dozen of our favorite Spanish girl names and meanings that remind you of the love and romance in which she was conceived. We’re pretty sure she’ll charm your hearts out!


Origin: Ramona is the feminine variant of Ramon, the Spanish version of Raymond.

What it means: Ramona means wise protector in Spanish.

Why we love it:  It’s a memorable name; it’s also equal parts sweet and spunky. A girl named Ramona is bound to be stunning and hard to ignore-much like those Spanish heiresses that catch your attention without making an effort.


Origin: The Spanish (and Italian) version of Elizabeth, Isabella has been a name of Spanish and Portuguese queens.

What it means: Devoted to God

Why we love it: Isabella sounds majestic without trying so hard. Hearing it reminds us of white roses: classic and elegant, it sounds like a name for a heroine in a romance novel (hello, Isabella/Bella Swan!).

Nicknames: Isa, Bella, Belle


Origin: Vida is a Spanish girl’s name but is also found in other languages like Hebrew and Scottish.

What it means: Life

Why we love it: A girl named Vida is larger than life itself – vibrant, energetic, and kickass. What’s not to love about her? She’s undoubtedly a leader because she knows what she wants and how to get it. Yet the bold attitude is just one side of her – she’s also sweet and endearing and loves to be wooed. Give your baby girl this name and fall in love with her life!

Nicknames: Vee, Vid


Origin: Spanish, Portuguese, and French

What it means: Love

Why we love it: What other name can be as romantic as the Spanish word for love itself? Name your baby girl Amor and get reminded that love is the answer every day. Plus, it’s a short, no-fuss name!

Nicknames: Mi Amor (which means my love)


Origin: Spanish/Portuguese

What it means: Happiness, joy

Why we love it:  Leticia is a name that reminds you of the happiness of being in love. The sunny attitude of girls given this name makes them attractive and, therefore, swoon-worthy! Get ready for baby Leticia to charm your socks off.

Nicknames: Letty, Ticia, Cia


Origin: Spanish

What it means: Dove

Why we love it: Paloma is a name that makes us immediately think of an elegant lady. She’s graceful and unbothered, which is a romantic quality in itself. Paloma gives off main-character vibes, which she indeed is in your life. 

Nicknames: It’s a standout name, so no pet names are required!


Origin: Gabriela is the Spanish/Italian feminine version of Gabriel.

What it means: God is my strength.

Why we love it: Looking to name your baby girl with a name that exudes strength? You can’t go wrong with calling her, Gabriela. The character’s perfect for girls with strong, no-nonsense personalities, and if you feel like your baby girl’s going to be a tough cookie, this name is for her. What makes this name romantic, though? Gabriela is no damsel in distress that needs saving, but her capacity for love is her strength. No knight in shining armor will be able to resist her.

Nicknames: Gaby, Ella


Origin: Spanish, Italian, Polish variant of Natalie.

What it means: Born on Christmas day

Why we love it: Natalia is a sweet name, perfect for baby girls born in December. It sounds exotic and foreign, too, and we can picture in our minds a horse-riding sweetheart whom everybody loves. She’ll have a tight grip on your hearts!

Nicknames: Nat, Talia


Origin: Spanish version of Carmel 

Meaning: vineyard, orchard, garden

Why we love it: We know how many romances have bloomed in a garden. Make a memento of your romance by naming the fruit of your love Carmen, which means garden in Spanish. It sounds posh and classy, too!

Nicknames: No need to have one with a short yet unique name like Carmen.


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Sweet

Why we love it: Want to have a girl with a sweet personality? Give her the name Dulce, which literally translates to sweet in Spanish. It’s much more like the name Candy, only with a Spanish character. Dulce will catch attention everywhere with her friendly demeanor, and she’ll be everyone’s favorite!

Nicknames: The English word Sweetie may be a cute nickname for Dulce.


Origin: Spanish version of Felicity

Meaning: Felicitations, happiness

Why we love it:  Who can resist the joyful personality Felicidad has? Happiness is embedded in her name, so a baby girl named Felicidad will have a sunny attitude that draws people like bees to a flower. Her name is classic yet unusual at the same time, so she’s sure to be a standout!

Nicknames: Fel, Felicity


Origin: Spanish, Italian

Meaning: Angel

Why we love it: It’s a lovely name for a lovely child. The Spanish pronounce this name as “ahn-heh-lee-kah” and make it sound more romantic. Angelica brings a vision of cherubs in the garden, plotting who’s going to be the next couple! Overall, this name is lovable and unique, especially with the Spanish way of saying it.

Nicknames: The Spanish prefer to use the name as it is. With a stunning name such as Angelica, we understand why nicknames aren’t needed at all.

Naming our baby girl is a ritual of utmost importance, and choosing a romantic Spanish girl name is great for giving her a lovable personality. You’ll always be reminded of love, strength, and romance with our suggested names. 

These romantic Spanish girl names are perfect when you want your baby girl to be unique and unforgettable. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your romantic side or connect with your Spanish heritage. Plus, you give the baby a memorable name that will keep her in the minds (and hearts) of people!  Which is your favorite?  Comment below.  

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