How to Transition from SNOO to Crib (Without Losing Your Sanity)

transitioning from snoo to crib

So, your little bundle of joy has outgrown its SNOO smart bassinet. Congrats! They are growing so fast! Now you may be wondering how to transition them from the SNOO to a crib.

If you are dreading breaking your current run of nights of good sleep, do not worry! We are here to help.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to SNOO weaning—without losing your mind in the process.

When to stop using the SNOO

If you’re reading this post, then Dr. Harvey Karp’s infamous SNOO likely gets credit for your baby being such a good sleeper for the first months of life.

But, if your baby meets any of the following criteria, its time to transition them out of the SNOO bassinet:

  • 6 months of age or older
  • Can push up on all fours
  • Weighs 25 lbs or more

The main concern with the use of this bassinet past these milestones is that your baby can fall out. For their safety, wean them at the recommended time.

General Tips For Transitioning from Bassinet to Crib

baby in peaceful sleep

Here’s some general information for the crib transition

  1. Make sure the crib is safe. Before you start using the crib full-time, make sure it meets all current safety standards, and that there are no loose or broken slats. You also want to be sure the crib mattress is set to a safe height.
  1. Ensure your baby’s comfort. The mattress should be firm yet comfortable.
  1. Make sure the new room is appropriate for sleep. My bedroom is cool and dark, so I make sure the nursery is cool and dark for my baby’s sleep time.
  1. Introduce the crib gradually. Start by placing your baby in the crib for short periods of awake time, such as tummy time or some quiet play time. This will help her become familiar with her new surroundings.
  1. Start with naps. Start by putting your baby down for nap time in her crib. If she is comfortable napping in her crib, then sleeping overnight for longer stretches will be easier. 
  1. Help your baby associate the crib with positive experiences. Make sure to put them in the crib when they are sleepy but not yet asleep. This way, they will start to associate the crib with bedtime and sleeping.
  1. Create a familiar space. Put their favorite things in the crib with them. Whether it is a mobile, a blanket, or a stuffed animal, having something that is familiar to them in their new surroundings will help ease the transition and make them feel more comfortable.
  1. Make nighttime the last stop. After your baby has adjusted to napping in her own crib, it’s time to tackle nighttime sleep.
  1. Be patient and consistent. Transitioning to a new sleep environment can be difficult for both babies and parents. It is important to be patient and consistent throughout the process so that both you and your baby can adjust successfully.

Transitioning from the SNOO bassinet to a crib

Before transitioning out of the SNOO, there are two components you’ll need to wean your baby from the SNOO’s motion and the SNOO swaddle.

Weaning Mode

I recommend starting the process by turning on the weaning feature to wean the rhythmic motion. This is a bit different than what the manufacturer recommends.

I actually used the SNOO in wean mode from the first night I placed her in it. I did this to limit the rocking and noise she experienced while sleeping.

Since wean mode is easily adjusted from the app settings, you can switch the settings back from your bed if you feel your baby is not ready to wean from SNOO’s motion.

Arms Out

Now you want to try to get your baby to sleep with its arms out of the swaddle. If you haven’t noticed, there are some snap openings for the arms that you can open up when you are ready to free your baby’s arms.

To wean the arms from the SNOO swaddle start by swaddling with one arm out. If your baby is having too hard a time adjusting to having its arm out, you can swaddle it back in and try again in a week.

Once your baby is used to sleeping with one arm out you can then free the other arm.

In my experience, getting my child’s arms free took some time to adjust to. It’s not a race, so just be patient as your child transitions out of the swaddle.

Move to Crib

Once your baby has adjusted to sleeping with its arms out and in weaning mode (after 1-2 weeks), then the next step will be to move your baby to its new crib in its own room. Make sure to keep your usual bedtime routine to help ease the transition process.

Transition Swaddle

Since your baby is used to the snug embrace of the SNOO sleep sack, a transition swaddle can help the process.

Some popular options include the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit, Zipadee-Zip, and Love to Dream.

I personally used the Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack. It comes at a good price point, is high quality, and is easy to wash. And most importantly, it helps my baby sleep through the night.

White Noise Machine

To make the transition easier, consider buying a white noise machine. Since your baby is already used to the sound of the SNOO a white noise machine can help make the transition process easier.

Cold Turkey

Is your head spinning after reading all this? Does this all sound great but overly complicated? Many parents choose to go cold turkey when they wean from the SNOO.

Just move your baby to their crib when you are ready for them to transition. You can use any other sleep training method that may have previously worked for you.

There will likely be some tears, but there are many first-hand accounts of successfully transitioning cold turkey.

A transition swaddle and white noise machine can still help make the transition easier.

Sell Your SNOO

This smart bassinet was probably one of the most expensive baby products you purchased. Now that you are done with it, be sure to resell it.

There is a huge market for second-hand SNOOs, and if you have taken good care of it you will likely be able to sell it for close to the retail price.

Once you make back your money, that initial retail price tag will not sting so badly.


Making the switch from the SNOO to the crib doesn’t have to be difficult—or stressful!

By following these simple steps, you can ensure a smooth transition for both you and your baby.

Sweet dreams! And congratulations on your SNOO graduate!

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