The Best Soft Boy Names With Meaning

super cute boy with soft male names

Name searching for a baby is as complex as it is exciting. The search for the perfect name for the coming baby may seem like a simple matter. However, many parents will tell you, the quest for a befitting moniker takes lots of time and research. And if you’re looking for the best soft boy names with meaning, your search ends here. 

It has now become acceptable for men and boys to embrace their soft side. While many boy names display toughness and bravado, that’s not all there is to names.

A name can be cute and masculine with a soft and gentle meaning. 

cute baby with a gentle name

Soft Male Names That Are Gentle

Choosing soft male names is a unique way of naming babies. More parents are deviating from the common naming system. If this is you, these names will excite you a lot. 


Asa is pronounced as ‘AY-SAH.’ It’s a beautiful Hebrew name that means ‘healer.’ Although soft and gentle like a healer’s touch, Asa was also the name of a King of Judah. 


Originating from Scandinavia, this name means ‘heir, descendant.’ It’s a simple name both in meaning and in spelling. 


What’s soft, pure, and white and always comes at Christmas? If you guessed ‘snow,’ then you’re right!

Lumi means snow and is a perfect two-syllable soft-sounding boy name for a Christmas or winter baby. 


Many names have been derived from nature, but have you thought about the name ocean? Nature lovers will love this one. It signifies peace and tranquility.

If the ocean is your happy place, then you can choose to adopt this name for your little champ.

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It’s not without reason that Greek names are some of the most used. The name Theo means ‘God has given’ or ‘divine gift.’

There’s only one way to view our little blessings, and that is the gifts they are to us as parents. 


Pronounced as ‘Shy’, this lovely moniker spells perfection for the parents in the market for the best soft boy names with meaning. Shai is an Armenian/Hebrew name that means ‘gift.’


Unisex names are a thing now, with most parents choosing not to assign gender to their child. The name Erin is an excellent choice if you aren’t sure you’re having a boy or a girl.

Although it’s unisex, Erin is commonly used for girls. The name Erin is Gaelic, and it means ‘peace. 

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Hardly will you find an Arabic name that’s devoid of meaning. They are mostly derived from culture and Islam, which are deeply religious.

Abab is one of the best gentle boy names you can find. The name means ‘softness or dignity of youth.’ 

super cute boy with soft male names


We recant everything we may have said against Greek names because they are still serving us name goals.

Galen is sweet and cute and is superb for names that mean gentleness. Galen means ‘calm’ in Greek. 


The world cannot have enough good men; we hope your little boy is another addition to the list. One of the best ways to do this is to give him a name that puts pressure on him to be a good man.

Haluk is the textbook name for gentility. Derived from Turkish, Haluk means ‘good-natured. No pressure, little man. 

Sweet Soft Boy Names You’ll Love


Goodwin is one of the notable names that are fantastic for middle names. It’s an Anglo-Saxon name that means ‘good friend.’ Goodwin is also perfect as a last name. 


Eulalio is derived from both Greek and Italian. This name is made from two words, ‘eu,’ which means ‘good or well’ and ‘lalein’ which means ‘talk.”

Eulalio, therefore, means ‘sweet spoken or well-spoken.’ If you want a four-syllable name boy names meaning sweet and gentle, Eulalio will excite you. 


Being sweet and gentle also translates to knowing the difference between right and wrong. That’s exactly what the name Farouk means. Derived from Arabic, Farouk is an excellent choice soft boy name with meaning. 


In English, the name Haven means ‘safe place.’ Haven is an exceptional name for someone who desires an English name for their child.

English names have the advantage of being literal in their meaning. To give your child this name is to wish for them that they’d be a safe place for the world to confide in.


The name Finn is of Irish origin meaning white. It’s a wonderful example of a name that means gentle. The color white is considered to portray peace and gentleness.

If your little boy has fair hair, this is a superb choice for them since it also means ‘the fair-haired one.’

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In Sanskrit, the name Sohal means ‘a delicate and soft person.’ It’s a beautiful Hindi name perfect for parents who want an exotic name for their little prince. 


Jin is an amazing Korean name that’s suitable for parents who are searching for single-syllable names.

The name Jin means ‘truth’ or ‘jewel.’ Baby boys are also precious. It’s perfectly okay to give them a shiny name like Jin. 


Haven’t you had enough of Korea yet? Grab this name for your little boy. Cho means ‘handsome,’ a befitting name for your beautiful baby. 

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Doves are the epitome of peace, as evident in peaceful ceremonies where white doves are released to the air. Dove is also a lovely name for a lovely boy who’s growing up to be a peace ambassador.

If you’re a fan of the Jonas Brothers, you’ll love this name. It’s also a lovely deviation from the more common name Jonah – which you can also adopt. 


With this impressive list of the best soft boy names with meaning, you’ll surely get your best choice. Soft names do not mean that your little champ is by any means a sissy.

Strong men are those that can embrace their masculinity while being thoughtful and kind. There’s a lot of strength in gentleness. 


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