Roman Surnames or Last Names with Their Meanings

roman man with roman last name

If names are meant to give one identity, then Roman surnames or last names are the epitome of that. The giving of surnames is centuries old, and different families gave them for different reasons. 

Whether it is to maintain a family tradition and name or to be an easy way to differentiate all the Smiths from the other Smiths, last names are a thing now. 

Before choosing a name, it’s good to take into consideration where they originate and what they mean. When you’re choosing a surname for your child, you’re probably choosing a name that will be carried for generations.

It’s, therefore, important that you pick one that the people that come after you will be grateful for your name-choosing skills. 

If you’re in the market for a surname, have you thought about ancient roman surnames?

Roman last names are classic and full of meaning. Don’t believe me? Check out this awesome list. 



What better name for a surname than a name that reminds everyone in the family how much loved by God they are?

Amadeus means “love of God” or loved by God. It’s an exceptional Roman last name for a religious family. 


Are you searching for a Roman name inspired by Roman mythology?

Vesta is a beautiful name that can be used as a last name and its meaning is ‘goddess of the earth.”

Of course, this might be one proud baby when they get to know what their name means. 


Flavius is perfect for the family that seems to have golden traits in the family tree. It’s a masculine name that means “golden.”

If the babies in the family come out with golden hair, then this is a wonderful pick. Who knows, you may strike real gold one day. 

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It’s no doubt that Roman surnames are great, and sometimes you want that greatness to be reflected in your family.

If that’s what you’re looking for, the name Maximus will be a perfect choice as it means, “greatest”.’


If your goal is to preserve the family tradition and name, then the moniker Servius is an outstanding last name for you.

It means to “preserve,” and it’s an amazing last name for you if you’re keen on keeping the family traditions alive. 


We get a lot from the galaxy, and who knew we could also get such a beautiful last name? Pluto is the name of a planet, but’s also the Latin variant Plutos, that means “wealth.”

We hope the little boy and everyone that come after him will be laughing all the way to the bank all their lives. 

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Ceaser is one of the popular Roman Latin last names that never ages.

Derived from Julius Caesar the renowned Roman statesman, it’s an excellent last name for a family that is seeking timeless names. 

baby boy with roman surname


If numbers are important to you and the number ten is particularly a favorite, you’ll love the name Decimus.

It’s a wonderful family name that means “tenth”. 


Felix is a Roman name that also claims its background from Spanish Portuguese, English, German, and even Jewish with slight variations in spelling.

Felix means “lucky or fortunate”. Who wouldn’t want a name that wishes them luck wherever they are then? 


It sounds a little like Felix, and it’s a fantastic option when you are looking for a Roman name with a little twist.

Felice is a lovely Roman last name that means “happy” or “merry”. 


The name Faustus is one of the unique virtue names of Roman origin that is also perfect as a last name. Faustus means the “lucky ones.”

It’s a good thing to speak a blessing to everyone born in your family, and they’ll be lucky to be a member of that family. 


Are you seeking a name that means white or bight without using the somewhat boring name ‘white’?

Albus is a wonderful pick as it means “white, bright” in Latin.

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Roman gods make the best names, and Vulcan is not an exception. It’s also one of the many names referring to a god, and this one refers to the God of fire. 


You can’t have ancient Roman surnames without mentioning the famous gods and goddess names.

Juventus is one of the common Roman last names derived from Roman mythology and it refers to the Roman goddess of youth. 


The name Aries is derived from the Zodiac sign that is represented by a Ram.

Aries is an excellent pick for the parent looking for a last name that is derived from the cardinal signs. 


Evander is a derivative of Evandrus, which means “good man”. It’s a perfect choice for the parent searching for a virtue name with a wonderful meaning.

If you desire to have a long lineage of good men, then this is a superb pick. 

roman man with roman last name


Augustus is versatile as it can give you several versions of the same name depending on what makes you tick. From it, you can get August, Augusto, Austin, Agustin, and Augustine. With this one, you’re spoilt for choice. 


Who says last names have to be boring? Spice the surnames with this unique Roman last name that means “Sweet.”

There’s too much bitterness in the world, and maybe a few ‘Polluxes’ are what we need. 


 Names that signify strength are a wonderful choice for any parents either as a first, middle, or last name.

If you’re searching for an ancient name that means “strong”, then this is a charming choice. 


Every child marks a new beginning, and sometimes, we need the reminder that the times ahead will be different. If you need a name that signifies this, Janus is your choice.

In Roman mythology, Janus was the Roman God of new beginnings.

It’s a great last name for a child who’s bringing a new start in your lives – even if those beginnings will largely include sleepless nights and dirty diapers. 


If you’re onto number six and you’d like to get the last name for them, the Roman name Sextus is a wonderful choice.

Sextus is an exceptional Roman surname commonly used for the sixth child. You can still use the name if you desire to be adventurous. 


Sometimes, a child is given a name depending on what time of the day they made the grand entry into the world.

The name Summanus is a wonderful Roman last name for a child who was born before sunrise. It means, “before the morning”.


When searching for a name, uniqueness is everything. Sometimes, one just wants a name that will turn heads, and Deusdedit will deliver on the unique promise.

The moniker Deusdedit means “God’s Gift”. You don’t hear it everyday and the meaning is wonderful.  


Octavia means eight. You’d think we’ll run out of names after naming seven babies, but if you’re searching for a name for baby number eight, the name Octavia would be a great choice. How to buy Xanax online

If the baby’s birth is associated with the number eight in any way, you can also grab this name before there are too many Octavia’s in the city. It’s a beautiful name and it is up for grabs.


Roman names are synonymous with power, and if you’re looking for famous Roman last names, they don’t come more famous than Titan.

It sounds good as well, and it means “a powerful man”. What’s not to love! 

Baby boy with Roman last names


Nicon – which can also be written as Nikon – is a lovely Roman name that means “conquest or victory.”

It’s a perfect name for the parent who wants to give their baby the last name that signifies strength. 


This is a rare Latin name that can be used as a surname. It’s a delightful choice if you’re in search of a three-syllable name with a deep meaning. It means “friend of all.”

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Looking for a Roman surname that has a biblical meaning? Petrus is the Latin version of the name Peter, and it means, “Rock, stone.” 


Vita is an amazing Roman surname that means “life” in Latin. It’s a great choice for the one in search of a two-syllable Roman name with meaning. 

Final Thoughts

Even if they are referred to as the last names, that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring and drab. Roman surnames will give you the twist, uniqueness, and deep meaning you’re searching for in a name. 

Many of the Roman last names overlap quite a lot with Greek and Portuguese names, and you’re free to tweak them a little and choose one that best floats your boat.

As long as it’s a name whose meaning you love and one that you’re sure the final owner will love too, there are no restrictions to the names you choose. 


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