20 Super Fun Pumpkin Painting Ideas for Kids

pumpkin painting ideas for kids

The fall season calls for pumpkin crafting activities for Halloween. There is lots of pumpkin carving and pumpkin painting ideas for kids to enjoy with family and friends.

However, you might want to stay away from pumpkin carving due to the knives involved if you have younger kids.

On the upside, pumpkin painting presents a safe and easy option that kids can participate in.

Pumpkin Painting Tips

To have a successful pumpkin painting activity, here are some things to consider.

Choice of pumpkin

Choosing the right pumpkin is essential for a good outcome. Select a smooth pumpkin with no defect. Check for cuts, bruises and rotten spots. It should also not have any bumps or lumps.

To ease your painting experience, get a pumpkin with shallow ribbing. It should also be flat enough to remain upright during the entire painting process. 

You can use any pumpkin variety for painting, but the best types are Baby Pam, Neon, Cotton Candy or Sugar Pie.

Pumpkin Preparation

Before you get started on the pumpkin painting, ensure your pumpkin is clean. Gently wipe away any dirt with a soft cloth or sanitizing wipe.

Cleaning the pumpkin is necessary to remove any bacteria that could speed up the rotting process. 

 Do not brush the pumpkin with a hard brush as you might damage the skin.

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Seal the pumpkin

Cover your pumpkin using an aerosol or brush sealant. This is optional but it helps with the paint application process by improving the paint adherence. It doesn’t, however, help in preserving the pumpkin.

If you choose to seal your pumpkin, wait for it to dry before painting.

Get the right paints

For kids, it’s best to get washable paint so it’s easy to deal with the mess. For adults, you can explore acrylic or spray paint.

Spray paints give the best ombre look. If you use them, paint outside or in a well-ventilated area.

If you intend to display your pumpkin outdoors, it’s advisable to get waterproof outdoor paint.

Buy the Right Brush

Pumpkin skins are quite delicate. For that reason, you have to use a soft brush. Get yourself a foam brush or a brush with soft bristles.

Choose Your Design

While you may prefer to be spontaneous about your design, it’s always good to have a general idea in mind. This helps you plan the execution better.

Depending on your design, you can trace over the pumpkin with a pencil first. Tracing helps you get a glimpse of the outcome and allows you to make any necessary changes. Alternatively, you can buy pumpkin stencils.

Kid Friendly Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Check out these pumpkin painting ideas for kids to inspire you this fall season.

While these no carve pumpkin decorating ideas are mainly for younger kids, adults and older kids can definitely have fun. 

pumpkin painting ideas for kids

  • Quick and easy paint activities are the best. Check out this pour paint pumpkin tutorial if you’re low on time.
  • If your kids are space exploration fans, they will love putting together this space pumpkin. It’s pretty easy to make; even for young toddlers.
  • If you have a unicorn fan in your family, this unicorn pumpkin will lighten up their day.
  • Squeeze paints provide an easy pumpkin painting experience for kids of all ages. Besides, it allows them to go wild with their creativity. Check out these squeeze paint pumpkins for inspiration.
  • Kids love superheroes and would undoubtedly enjoy turning a pumpkin into their favorite superhero. Check out this Spiderman pumpkin tutorial.
  • A glow-in-the-dark pumpkin would be perfect for display on your porch. Find out how to make a glowing crayon pumpkin here.

Easy Pumpkin Painting Ideas For Kids

  • If your kids love Frozen, then making this Olaf pumpkin is a dream come true.
  • Here is a cute and fun pumpkin idea you might want to try some emoji pumpkins. Have everyone paint their favorite emoji and y’all will have an emoji party in the house. 
  • Crafts that involve kids are sure to leave some good mess behind. If you want to have as little mess as possible on your pumpkin project, try this  spider web pumpkin.

minion pumpkin painting ideas for toddlers

  • How about making some ice cream cone pumpkins of their favorite flavors? 
  • If your kids love burgers, then they will enjoy making these burger pumpkins.
  • You and the kids will have fun making these sports pumpkins. Each child can decorate a pumpkin with their favorite game. It’s also a great activity you teenage will probably be interested in. 
  • Yet another cute Halloween pumpkin is this bumble bee pumpkin. It’s budget friendly and the kids will love it.
  • Minions are such lovable characters. These minion pumpkins will have both kids and adults excited.
  • For toddlers it’s best to get the easiest activity they can do. Check out these handprint pumpkin designs for your little one.
  • Painting doesn’t always have to involve actual paints. You could get creative and use nail polish instead. Check out this nail polish pumpkin for inspiration. You can use the nail polish colors you have available and make something similar.
  • If you kids love glitter and bright colors, they could have the time of their life making this rainbow glitter pumpkin.

How Long Do Painted Pumpkins Last?

Pumpkins generally last between 30 to 90 days. Painted pumpkins last longer than curved pumpkins.

How to Preserve a Painted Pumpkin

  • Apply a liquid acrylic floor cleaner. This keeps the pumpkin shiny and fresh for up to four weeks.
  • Smear petroleum jelly to act as a seal. This keeps bacteria away from the flesh and maintains the moisture inside. Additionally, you can combine tabasco sauce with the petroleum jelly to help repel pumpkin-eating critters.
  • Avoid storing pumpkins stacked on top of each other. You should instead store them in a single layer and raised off the ground to enhance air circulation.


Pumpkins are the ultimate decoration for the fall season. These pumpkin painting ideas for kids will get you started on your fall decorations.

Halloween doesn’t necessarily mean having scary-looking pumpkins. If you have younger kids who could be scared,  there are also many fun and cute options for them. You can go as far as your creativity takes you.


pumpkin painting ideas for toddlers


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