The Best Uncle Nicknames And How To Pick One

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With a new baby on the way or having just arrived, uncle duties are loading. But first, we need to choose the perfect nicknames for the coolest uncle in town.

Choosing a name for an uncle can be a family affair by letting everyone throw in their choices. It can also be a surprise from the baby’s parents to the uncle they love and desire to honor.

Being an uncle is a lifetime career; getting names for the uncles is no light matter. Whichever your style is, read on to find the best nicknames for uncle an how to pick one.

How to Choose Good Nicknames for Uncle

There’s no one way to choose a name for your baby’s uncle; it all depends on your personality and family preference.

If you’re unsure of the best way to arrive at a perfect uncle nickname, think through these lines for an easy name-choosing process.


Check His Preference

Some people are specific about what names they want to answer. An uncle’s role in a child’s life is vital; he’s the closest thing to a second dad for your child.

If you aren’t sure that he will like the name you will choose, make a list and let him take a pick.

Checking what name he prefers may not be the most discreet way to come with a nickname for an uncle, but it’ll be the surest way to verify that he doesn’t secretly hate the name you gave him. The uncle needs to love his moniker too.

Add some cool names to the list, different from his official names and easy on a baby’s tongue.

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It could be a name that has a special meaning for both the man of the moment and the baby’s parents. It could also be a random name that you both love!

Expect some, “Uncle who now?” Every time he’s called upon. Check out these cool uncle names to give to your baby’s uncle:  

uncle with a nickname holding a girl

Common Uncle Names

Uncle Charlie

Uncle Eddie

Uncle Mike

Uncle Tyler

Uncle Walker

Uncle Zack

Uncle Ryan

Uncle Bond

Uncle Stallion

Uncle Jay

Uncle Manny

Uncle Chad

Tweak His Name  

If all the thinking about the best nicknames for uncle is giving you a migraine, pause and think of the easiest way to choose a name – by using his already existing name!

Don’t overthink about the name when you could shorten, elongate, or mildly (or majorly if you’re extra) corrupt the name on his ID.

Changing the official names is arguably one of the most typical ways to get fun uncle names.

The corrupting of names has been popular for ages, and some diminutives have grown to be even more popular than the full name.

If the man of the moment has a name that effortlessly turns to a cool nickname, look no further, you have a winner.

You may end up with the coolest uncle names ever. Some of the best nicknames for uncle from shortened names would be:

A boy with his uncle

Cool Uncle Names

From Jacob

Uncle Jake

Uncle Jack

Uncle Jacoby

From Theodore

Uncle Ted

Uncle Theo

Uncle T

Uncle Tee

From Nicholas

Uncle Nick

Uncle Nicky

Uncle En

Uncle Nicko

Uncle Nickels

From Andrew

Uncle Drew

Uncle Dru

Uncle Andy

Uncle Andre

From Joseph

Uncle Joe

Uncle Jose

Uncle Eph

Uncle Ephy

Uncle J

Uncle Jay

From Robert

Uncle Bob

Uncle Rob

Uncle Bert

Uncle B

Uncle Bee

Uncle Ob

From William

Uncle Willy

Uncle Will

Uncle Liam

Uncle Willie

From Bernard

Uncle Benny

Uncle Ben

Uncle Nard

Uncle Nerd (Especially if he’s nerdy)

From Michael

Angel Michael

Uncle Mike

Uncle Em

Uncle Mickey

Uncle Mich

Classic Uncle Names

Old is gold, and that’s not just about songs and movies; it works for names too! For years, uncles have been called specific names in different cultures and languages.

Choose one that tugs at your heart best and adopt it. Some classic nicknames for uncle would be:

Uncle (Insert his name)



DyaDya – Russian

Zio – Italian

Onkel –German

Theios – Greek

Shushu – Chinese

Mjomba – Swahili

Tio – Spanish

Oncle – French


Bud (Short of Buddy)

an uncle with a nephew

Crazy or Funny Uncle Names

Normal is overrated, and when choosing uncle nicknames, you’re allowed to go a little (or a lot) crazy.

Maybe you have a memorable name you had for your brother or cousin when you were growing up, now is the time to resurrect the childhood nicknames.

Here are a few ways to get funny uncle names for the man in the baby’s life.

Nicknames from Places

Consider a place that means something to him, such as where he was born or where he grew up, and make a perfect nickname from that Uncle Dakota.

Uncle Wales

Uncle Chile

Uncle Peru

Uncle Mali

 Uncle Zulu

Nickname from Foods and Games He loves

Is there a fruit or food he’s obsessed with? Maybe the one thing he shows up with for every dinner? Well, be creative with it and use that as his official uncle duties name.

Uncle Banana

Uncle Pickles

Uncle Papaya

Uncle Candy

Uncle Pie

Uncle Yoyo

Uncle Golf

Use Adjectives

What kind of an uncle is he? How unique is the relationship between you two and your baby?

Adjectives are underrated; they make for the best nicknames for uncles and aunties. Inspect his personality and give him a nickname based on his behaviour. 

Funny Uncle

Favorite Uncle

Sleepy Uncle

Grumpy Uncle

Snory Uncle

Tall Uncle

Stout Uncle

Best uncle

Weird uncle

Fun uncle

Crazy uncle

Ghetto Uncle Names

Perhaps you grew up in the ghetto and want to honour your roots. Or you want to go a little bit extra. Here ae some black uncle names for your baby.

Uncle Junior

Uncle Bud

Uncle Bubba

Uncle Johnny

Uncle Brother

Uncle Nuk

Uncle Pop

Uncle Otis

Uncle Joe

Uncle Cal

Uncle Earl

Uncle Date

Uncle Tubby

Uncle Fat

Uncle Frank

Uncle Ray

Uncle Bobby Ray

uncle holding newphew


As babies grow older, they also tend to get cheeky and curious. Ensure that the nicknames for uncle you choose aren’t prone to corruption in the future that may be offensive or insulting.

As a matter of fact, these nicknames will change according to the age of your little one. 

Nicknames are an endearment to the people that mean a lot to us. Choose names for the uncles in your baby’s life should be a fun and binding activity.

It’s a privilege to have a caring uncle for your baby, honour them with a befitting nickname. 


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