Pull Ups with Velcro Sides: Best for Potty Training

Huggies pull ups with velcro sides

Potty training can be a hectic exercise, and you need to be ready for it with the right tools. Huggies pull-ups with velcro sides are a must-have as you begin this process.

As expected, the beginning of potty training comes with a lot of accidents.

With pull-ups, you are sure that pee or poop will be well absorbed and held. In addition, the pull-ups are easy for your child to pull down when using the potty.

With velcro pull ups, changing after messes is easy, and you don’t need to pull them down the legs.

With that in mind, let’s now have a look at the best Huggies pull ups with velcro sides.

This will help you choose the right training pants with velcro to make your potty training successful.

Huggies Pull-Ups That Have Velcro Sides for a Successful Potty Training

Here are four Huggies pull-ups with velcro sides you should consider.

Pull-Ups Cool and Learn


These pull-ups are designed to help your child understand potty training using the cool and learn feature.

When the pull up gets wet, it produces a cooling sensation. Due to this cooling sensation, the child learns when they should go to the potty. So the next time they have an urge, they will go to the potty instead.

The design has cool Disney cartoon characters that will motivate your child to want to wear their pull ups. There’s Princess Belle for girls and Lightning McQueen for boys. 

However, the design doesn’t just provide motivation. It is also a learning tool.

When the pull up gets wet, the Disney character fades away, alerting both you and the child.

One of the advantages of having pull ups that open on the side is the ability to adjust the waist accordingly.

Regular pull ups may sometimes be too tight or too loose. With these Huggies pull ups, you don’t need to worry about that.

Furthermore, your child will not struggle to loosen their pull ups as the sides are soft and easily stretched.

These pull ups are available in three sizes: 2T/3T, 3T/4T, and 4T/5T.

Pull Ups Learning Designs Training Pants


These are training pants with velcro sides that are similarly designed to teach your child potty training.

They are available in two Disney character designs; Mickey Mouse for boys and Minnie Mouse for girls.

When your child has an oopsie moment, the characters fade away.

That way, they’re motivated to use the potty next time to keep the characters on the pull up.

These training pants provide all-around coverage to efficiently handle potty-training accidents.

In addition, they provide extra absorbency on targeted areas where boys and girls need them most.

As you already know, part of ensuring that potty training is a success is the use of rewards and positive affirmations.

Huggies provides a voice assistant option that allows you to make a call to Mickey or Minnie Mouse. This is used as a reward for successful potty use.

You could also use the voice assistant to remind your kid that it’s potty time.

These pull ups are available in sizes ranging from 2T to 5T. They all come with a coloring mat that makes things more fun.

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Pull Ups New Leaf Potty Training Pants


If your child has sensitive skin, these are the pull-ups of choice.

They are made with plant-based ingredients that are hypoallergenic.

This combination of ingredients makes the pull ups soft to the touch and more breathable than the other pull ups.

Even more, these pull-ups offer excellent absorbency of up to 12 hours. This makes them perfect for your little one if their skin is extra sensitive.

Like the other Huggies pull ups, the new leaf pull-ups also have Disney characters. If your child likes any characters from Frozen 2, get them these potty training diapers.

When the pull up gets wet, the Disney characters fade away providing a signal to your child.

These pull ups provide a comfortable fit that mimics underwear, which helps with the transition from diapers.

The pull ups are available in different toddler sizes that are sure to fit your child.

Also, with the adjustable sides, you can easily modify them to fit your baby’s tiny waist.

They also come with a coloring mat featuring Frozen characters. This helps prove to your child that potty training is a fun exercise.

Pull-Ups Night Time Training Pants


If you’re looking to do night-time potty training, you need to have the correct pull-ups.

While you could use other pull-ups for the night, night-time pull ups offer better absorbance. With this night-time Huggies pull-ups with velcro sides, you have no worries about leaks.

The boys’ version has a Disney Pixar character from Toy Story; Buzz Lightyear.

On the other hand, the girls’ version has the character Bo Peep from the same animation.

As expected, the characters fade away from the pull up once it’s wet.

The pull ups have soft, stretchy, and adjustable sides, which eases their use.

You can get these night-time pull-ups from size 2T to 5T.

Tip When Using Huggies Pull Ups with Velcro Sides

While the velcro sides are a fantastic feature of these pull ups, you have to be careful when aligning them.

If not properly positioned, the hanging part may scratch your child’s skin and irritate them. Therefore, ensure the velcro is set correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use pull ups for potty training when I could use diapers?

Pull ups are designed to mimic underwear in how they look and feel.

This shows your child that they are transitioning to big kid status. In addition, they are easier to pull on and off during potty time.

Also, pull ups such as Huggies pull ups that open on the sides have features to teach your child potty training.

When do we switch to pull ups?

You switch from diapers to pull-ups when your child is ready to potty train.

Usually, your child will show signs of readiness to start potty training.

Are pull ups as absorbent as diapers?

Pull ups are made with the same materials as diapers and, therefore, offer similar absorbency.

To ensure there are no leaks, get the right size that fits your child comfortably.

Why can’t I go straight to underwear for potty training?

While underwear is a good option, pull-ups offer a better transition from diapers.

Often, this is critical when dealing with multiple accidents at the beginning of the training.

You are assured that the pull-up will work just like a diaper would should there be a mess.

In Conclusion

The potty training experience is undoubtedly better with pull-ups with velcro sides.

It becomes much easier and manageable for both the child and the caregiver.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can find the pull-up that works for you. 

Also, remember to make it fun. Huggies pull-ups have incorporated fun additions to ease the process.

Make use of the coloring mats and the celebratory calls to Disney characters.

Praise them when they ask to go, sit on the potty, pee, poop, or pull up their pants.

And, of course, when they stay dry all day, make a huge fuss out of it.

Celebrate all their achievements, even the small ones, as this is a huge milestone for your child.

All the best!


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