Do Strollers Expire? Here Is Everything You Need To Know.

They are called strollers, prams, buggies, or even pushchairs. Whichever name you call them, one question remains, do strollers expire?

Luckily for many new moms, strollers do not expire. However, there may be restrictions on the baby’s age, weight, and height

If you’re getting a stroller, check that your baby doesn’t exceed the recommended restrictions.

They are also one of the things babies outgrow fast and can be used by more than one baby.

do baby strollers expire?

Why Do You Need A Stroller? 

Your newborn may look and feel light at birth, but enjoy that while it lasts. A day is fast approaching when carrying them on your hands will leave you numb, and a pram will come in handy.

Wondering why you need a stroller?  Here are some cases when strollers do come in handy.

For Walking with the Baby

Strollers are necessary if you’re planning on going out with your baby. Talking regular walks with your new baby is highly recommended for new moms.

An evening or morning stroll will help clear the head and exercise the body. Since your body is still healing, carrying the baby in your hands may not be viable.

A stroller makes it easy for you to take leisurely walks without running out of breath. 

Easy Storage

You don’t know how many things a baby needs until you have to leave the house with them.

Suddenly your hands are not enough. A stroller comes with many pockets designed to carry all the bits and bobs you need for the baby. 

Carrying things on your hands or even hanging a bag on your shoulder may be hurting your healing back.

That’s why all the available pockets on the pram are much welcome. Diapers, change of clothes, bottled milk, and the tiny bibs will all have a place to go on the trolley.

If your stroller doesn’t have enough storage, check out these stroller organizers.

Protection from the sun

The ultra-violet rays from the direct sun can damage the baby’s soft and sensitive skin.

A stroller comes with a roof that covers and protects the baby from harmful sun rays while outdoors.

Remember to cover the baby with a light baby blanket on very windy days. 

Handling Multiples

If you have been blessed with multiples, handling them can be pretty hectic.

But strollers can fit two or three kids at once. Whether or not the babies are the same age, a special stroller should handle them. 

You’ll need to have the stroller modified to fit the babies in some instances. This will leave your hands free to do other tasks.

Moms are known for multi-tasking, but strollers are the magic machines that make that remotely possible when you have a baby or several babies.

do strollers have expiration dates

Do Strollers Have An Expiration Date? 

Since they are not necessarily travel systems that may make the difference between life and death, they are not fitted with specific expiry dates.

Thus, you can use a stroller that’s five years old, be sure to follow the specifications indicated. 

A stroller is a beautiful and sturdy blend of metal, plastic, and fabric. The plastic sometimes breaks the metal rusts, and the fabric tears.

With gentle use, however, the stroller should last for several years.  

If you’re in the market for baby stuff, a stroller is one of the things at the top of your list.

While you may be thinking of getting a new one, they cost a pretty penny. If frugality is your second nature, you’d want to save things like strollers. 

If you have a chance to get a stroller that has been used before, you need to make certain checks to make sure that it’s safe and fit for your baby.

Do not esteem the economy at the expense of the baby’s safety. Better safe than sorry is best applied when it comes to babies.

If your major concern is whether strollers expire, then you’ll be glad to know that unlike other baby necessities like a car seat that may come alongside the stroller, a stroller doesn’t have an expiration date.

Car seats have an expiry date since they are safety appliances, but a stroller isn’t made as a travel safety device. 

Travel devices like car seats are made to handle speed and impact, and any wear and tear dramatically reduces their effectiveness.

You may use the car seat that came with the stroller but check the expiry dates on the stickers to be safe. 

What To Look Out For In A Used Stroller

Check out for the following before using a pre-owned stroller.

Check the Wheels 

It’s lovely that your mama is handing you the pram you used as a baby. But are the wheels all there?

Are they squeaking as you push it along? Are they shaky and on the verge of giving in to pressure? 

If the stroller’s wheels are faulty, it’ll be great to have them fixed. They may come off and cause a bad fall and injure the baby.

Squeaky and rusty wheels also need to be oiled or replaced. 

What’s the History of the Stroller?

Some brands may have been faulty and were recalled when they first hit the market. A simple Google search of the specific brand should give you all the information you need. 

It’d be good not to take a stroller that was recalled; however, new it may still look.

The brand’s history should advise you on the suitability of that particular stroller. 

Nuts and Bolts 

Since they are foldable for ease of storage, strollers tend to have tens of bolts and screws.

Every nut and bolt is useful, and should it be missing; the stroller must be repaired.

Missing nuts and bolts are a recipe for disaster, and the stroller may give in with the baby in it. Every missing nut and bolt should be replaced. 

can a stroller expire

How Long Can My Baby Be In A Stroller? 

Although the stroller doesn’t have a sell-by date, a time will come when you will need to give it up.

This is usually when your child is about three years old. The baby may also attain the restricted weight and height before the specified age. 

Establish how much weight and height is allowed on the pram and get rid of it when the child attains it. 

The good news is that strollers made from the year 2015 were made to last forever. These strollers adhered to stringent safety standards that ensured babies were safe.


You now have the answer for the nagging question, do strollers expire? If you have a stroller that you have desired to give away, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You’re not giving away junk.

If anything, you may be making a new mom’s life much easier. On the other hand, if you have been thinking about getting a second-hand stroller, by all means, do it.


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