Can Toddlers Tell When Someone Is Pregnant?

A pregnant woman holding booties

Many women have discovered that they are pregnant in strange and unexpected ways. But have you thought that someone may be a toddler? Is it likely that toddlers can tell when a woman is pregnant? Weird as it may sound, yes, they can. 

Explaining pregnancy to a toddler maybe a little more complex than quantum chemistry. You’d like to be honest with them without being too open with them.

But sometimes, you may not even need to do anything as they may have picked up some pregnancy cues before you. 

A pregnant woman holding booties

Can Toddlers Sense Pregnancy? 

While it cannot be scientifically proven that toddlers can tell when a woman is pregnant, there are many stories of parents affirming this question. Often, you don’t even know that you’re pregnant or it’s too early in the pregnancy until your toddler says something that shocks you.  

Kids do say the ‘darndest’ things, and this is true in early pregnancy.

A lot of moms to be have had moments when a toddler walked up to them and made a surprising remark about the imminent birth of a baby – even when they don’t know they are pregnant. But how do they do that?

Kids don’t have much social etiquette, and their honesty may make us think they are sometimes psychic.

Kids Notice Things 

Pregnancy changes you, and although you may not notice it, your toddler may have.

Depending on your baby’s age, they may see the glow that others are missing or the new craving that you’ve never had before.

If the change is somewhat on the tummy region, such as bloating, they will associate the slightly bigger belly to a baby. 

If you have been talking to the child about where babies come from, their curiosity is piqued and they pick on every change around them.

This is true, especially if you have been talking about the possibility of a new baby. 

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Kids Hear Things 

While you may have been talking in hushed tones about the pregnancy, the kids may pick up a few words and conclude that a baby is coming.

If you expressed a desire to have a baby in the past, the toddler also picks on that. Many toddlers also want a sibling, and the idea of a baby is exciting.

It’s, therefore, possible for a single word to trigger these memories and desires. As a result, the baby will blurt out their baby guess leaving you wondering, can a child detect pregnancy? 

Change in Moods 

A toddler will pick up minor changes in your moods and make a note of it. This is especially if you’re a little stressed out than usual or if the moods are causing you to be unhappy.

Toddlers have been known to wipe away a mother’s tears with their tiny little hugs without being told much. 

Although they may not fully understand what you’re experiencing, they can detect the mood shift.

If you have had a previous baby and reacted the same, the toddler may respond from experience and break the bun-in-the-oven news. 

Sometimes, the toddler may not necessarily know that it’s an unborn baby that’s causing your miseries. But they will instantly draw your attention to the changes. This may even prompt you to take a pregnancy test, and voila! The toddler had a point! 

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Some have said that babies and toddlers are little angels. How else do we explain their near-perfect intuition and predictions?

It’s likely that once the hormones start overflowing in your system, the toddler will pick on that. 

Hormones bring with them a lot of changes, including tenderness of breasts and the aforementioned mood swings.

By intuition, the baby can tell that something significant is happening in your body and emotions. 

They may respond by making accurate guesses that leave you thinking, can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant? 

If your energy levels have changed and you no longer play with them as you would, they’ll detect something is amiss.

If no explanation is forthcoming, their little minds will make up reasons, and the possibility of another baby on the way is not far from their minds. 

can a toddler sense pregnancy

Babies Are Smarter Than You May Think

As we ponder over the question, can toddlers sense pregnancy, it’s good to remember that babies are much more intelligent than we credit them for.

If the attention they have been receiving from you lessens, they notice. This may make them wary of the coming days and even more clingy. 

If they have been secretly wishing for a sibling, they will express this and verbalize it. When they foretell the coming baby, they will say the gender they want.

Pregnancy is an exciting season for you and your family. However, the little members of the family may be having mixed feelings about it.

When the toddler has an intuition that there’s another baby on the way, they may get insecure about their position in the family. 

How Do You Prepare a Toddler for A Sibling?

While it’s true that kids can sense pregnancy, they may not always know how to react to this new information.

Parents worldwide have posted videos of how their older children reacted to being told they’ll have a sibling. Most weren’t stoked about it at all, and there have been a few melt-downs. 

To prepare a toddler for a new baby, assure them that they are not being replaced. If he’s not asking or prophesying yet, wait until the pregnancy belly shows to tell them about it. 

Ensure that you’re in a relaxed mood and environment, and give them room and time to process. They may surprise you with their reactions, so be prepared for anything.

Some may be delighted about it, while others may flatly not want a baby. To them, they are THE baby, and they are (supposed to be) enough. 

Make them see that this is also a part of their growth journey. Remind your toddler that they will be responsible for being a big brother or sister and that you’re proud of them. 

Final Take 

Can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant? Yes, some may. A grown-up may find it hard to express their feeling that you’re going to be a new mom soon. But a child will blurt it out and be gone. Whether it’s intuition or a sixth sense, babies do see things adults don’t like a tiny bun in the oven. 


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