Body Armor Drink For Breastfeeding: Does It Increase Milk Supply?

Body armor drink for breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is one of the highlights of motherhood. We all want to nurse our little ones right from birth. Sometimes, this wish comes true for some moms, but sadly, it’s not so for every other mom. (And I’m so sorry for any mom who is not able to breastfeed their little ones).

You probably are here because you are looking to increase your milk supply. And precisely to get the answer to the question; does body armor drink increase milk supply? Well, you are in the right place because I will help you figure it out to produce more milk.

Is Body Armor Drink Good For Breastfeeding?

Body Armor drink for breastfeeding? Really? Well, I can confidently say this drink did increase my breastmilk supply.

Although I have zero scientific data to back up my claim, I have a strong feeling the BodyArmor sports drink helped me produce more milk each time I consumed it.

Furthermore, a lot of moms in breastfeeding forums have rave reviews about this drink and its ability to boost milk production. So, why wouldn’t I be convinced it actually doubled my milk?
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You all know the importance of proper hydration, especially when breastfeeding.

And since I always need a little convincing (like adding lime or cucumber) to drink my water every day, when I learned that Body Armor sports drink was safe to drink while breastfeeding, I was over the moon.

All I had to make sure I had was enough supply of this super drink in my house so that I can sip as I go. When I sat down to nurse my baby or power pump, I’d notice a spike in my milk supply.

So yes, the Body Armor sports drink could be your answer to increasing your milk. But, before you order some, let’s have a look at the ingredients and why moms swear by Body armor drink for lactation.

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Body Armor Drink Ingredients And Flavors

Is body armor good for nursing moms?

Body armor sports drink comes in 6 unique flavors. They include; strawberry banana, fruit punch, orange mango, mixed berry, grape, and tropical punch. The 8 oz. (236.5ml) bottle contains 70 calories.

Compared to other sports drinks, it has more electrolytes, is packed with vitamins and potassium, has less sodium, contains coconut water, and doesn’t have anything artificial.

Other ingredients in this drink are coconut water concentrate, filtered water, pure cane sugar, lots electrolytes, potassium, vitamin B3, B5, B6, and B12, among others.

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Isn’t that something awesome you would love to drink to help you produce more milk while pumping? Or even while breastfeeding?

My favorite flavor is the tropical punch, but to be honest, I can take any body armor drink.

And the good news…. wait for it…it doesn’t contain any caffeine nor preservatives. This makes it absolutely safe to drink for breastfeeding moms.

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Breastfeeding can leave you dehydrated, and that’s why you must hydrate enough. This awesome drink will help you stay hydrated while at the same time boosting your milk supply.

Types of Body Armor Super Drinks You Can Try While Breastfeeding

different flavors of body armor drinks

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There are two types of BodyArmor drinks; the Lyte version and the regular version. The Lyte version contains 3 grams of cane sugar, while the regular version contains 18 grams of cane sugar. Which body armor drink is best for breastfeeding?

The Lyte version is best for the mom who plans to take 2-3 bottles every other day. However, if you will be taking body armor drink once in a while to help you increase milk supply for a few days, then the regular version would do.

I find the regular version too sweet, so I do the Lyte version; it’s not overly sweet. And it helps with keeping those extra calories at bay.

The Body Armor Lyte sports drink comes in 5 flavors; peach mango, Blueberry pomegranate, berry punch, coconut, and orange citrus.

The 8 oz.(365.5ml) contains only 20 calories and zero fats.  It is sweetened with stevia which is a natural sweetener that is safe for a nursing mama.

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How Many Body Armors Can You Drink In A Day For Breastfeeding?

Take 2-3 body armors in a day for breastfeeding. You will start seeing an increase in your milk supply within hours. Body Armor is a sports drink, and as such, it’s high in sugar and calories. You want to strike a healthy balance here.

Furthermore, body armor drink is meant to hydrate and replenish the body with electrolytes. Therefore, it should not be used as a substitute for water.

Taking anything from 2 to 3 bottles will be okay.  Additionally, you don’t even have to drink it every day unless you want to. The reason I’d drink it every day is that I was pumping milk to freeze before going back to work. I wanted my baby to have enough breastmilk supply while I was away. I’m glad this happened!

If you are also getting started with power pumping and not seeing results, I suggest you try taking BodyArmor Super drink to try and boost your milk production.

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Does Body Armor Drink Increase Milk Supply?

Frozen Breastmilk

Yes, body armor drink does increase milk supply.

Why I’m, I convinced that body armor is good for lactation?

The answer lies in some of its ingredients. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

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Coconut Water And Breastfeeding

Coconut water is a dream come true for most breastfeeding moms. It is packed with electrolytes, making it more hydrating than water as it is isotonic.

The electrolytes in coconut water also help in balancing your blood pressure levels when you are nursing.

Besides, coconut water is full of minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.

It is even safe to drink coconut water as soon as you realize you are pregnant because there are a lot of benefits for both mom and baby.

Drinking coconut water while breastfeeding helps to increase Lauric acid as well as Capric acid levels in your milk, therefore, strengthening your baby’s immunity.

Coconut water contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which are vital in protecting your newborn baby from any infections.

As a breastfeeding mom, I suffered from constipation and indigestion often. I blame it on my overly sensitive tummy, and up to date, I still have frequent constipation episodes.

However, once I drink coconut water, it eases my constipation symptoms. If there is one thing that is always in my pantry, then it is organic coconut water.

A fresh green coconut

Coconut water contains minimal natural sugars and is fat free. This makes it perfect for any mom trying to lose those extra kilos gained while pregnant.

Often, when breastfeeding, you will feel tired. Coconut water is a high-energy boosting drink that doesn’t contain any additives.

Coconut water has so many benefits, and lots of moms swear by it for promoting milk production. Body armor drinks contain coconut water, thus, making them great for breastfeeding moms.

This is one drink you surely must-have in your fridge all the time. The added sweetness in the Body armor drink makes them palatable for breastfeeding moms.

Filtered Water

Water makes approximately 90% composition of breastmilk. Therefore, it’s important to take enough of these fluids. Drinking adequate water will ensure you remain hydrated and healthy. This will also help you to make and maintain your breastmilk supply.

The water content in your Body Armor sports drink will ensure you remain hydrated. And if you don’t like the taste of plain water, this sweetened water will be a perfect alternative.

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Electrolytes are not any marketing gimmicks. They are absolutely vital for you. Minerals such as phosphates, sodium, and calcium among others function as electrolytes in your body.

They can be found in all bodily fluids and in a particular concentration. When you sweat or remove breastmilk, you lose some electrolytes.

If your electrolytes drop, you may start to feel nauseous and light-headed. This is something you don’t want to experience with a baby to take care of.

BodyArmor super drink contains electrolytes that is why it is a good drink for lactation.

Where To Buy Body armor Sports Drink?

You can buy the Body armor super drink from so many places. From convenient stores to Walmart and Target, you’ll likely get a bottle of BodyArmor.

There are probably so many stores that stock this fantastic drink for breastfeeding moms. However, if you want it delivered right to your doorstep, then Amazon is where you should order from. Grab your favorite flavor here on Amazon.
A box of body armor sport drink for breastfeeding

Will Body Armor Increase My Breast Milk Supply?

Going by the many claims in breastfeeding support groups, the Body armor sports drink is great for improving milk production. I have not heard any mom complain that it decreased their milk supply.

See, why not try it and figure out if it will work for you? It’s better than sitting on the fence wondering. At worst, you will only lose $3 if you end up pouring it in your sink.

Breastmilk in breast milk bottles


Breastfeeding can be quite challenging, especially when dealing with low milk supply. A mom may feel like they are letting their baby down. If you are continuously dealing with low milk supply, it is important to talk to your lactation consultant so that they may rule out any medical issues.

But, before you head out searching for professional help, make sure to try the Body Armor drink for breastfeeding.

Secondly, ensure you are breastfeeding the proper way. To help you in this amazing journey, I have searched for the best breastfeeding courses. Check them out here.  I highly recommend you begin with The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class.

Finally, does Body armor drink increase milk supply? I’d say with a strong YES for me. The results may be a little different for you, but you will never know if it works for you if you never try it out.


body armor sports drink for breastfeeding


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