The Best Pull Up Diapers On The Market

Best Pull Up Diapers

Few things have made me prouder than the first time I heard my daughter say “I gotta go poop!”  It’s right up there with the first time I heard her say “I gotta go pee!” If you are dreaming of the day you hear those words, then this article is for you. I know that potty training can be stressful for parents and children, so I’m here to review some of the best pull up diapers on the market. My goal, as always, is to make life easier for you, so you can enjoy mom life more.

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What are pull up diapers?

Pull-ups are diapers designed for the potty training phase. They have stretchy material along both sides instead of the standard velcro fasteners. Pull-ups are similar to underwear, which help your toddler transition to wearing undies. They also help promote independence since kids can pull them up and down on their own.

Pull-up diapers can even save us from the mess when a diaper comes open on itself…yuck…I think we’ve all been there. 

How do pull-up diapers work?

“So how do pull-up diapers work?” you ask. They function almost exactly as diapers. It is a diaper, but instead of removing it by opening the two sides, you just slide it off and on! It’s basically disposable underwear for children.

Best pull ups for potty training

So, you might be asking “which are the best pull-ups for potty training?” Like most baby items, there is no one size fits all. Fortunately, in today’s market, there are tons of great pull-up options, so you can find just what you need.

We will review the best pull-ups with tabs, the best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters, the best pull-ups for older bedwetters, the best pull ups for sensitive skin and the best natural diapers.

So let’s see which one is the best for your munchkin…

Best pull ups with tabs

Huggies is one of the best-known brands for diapers. Huggies have been my diaper brand of choice for both my girls. They offer several options for pull-ups with velcro side tabs. For my oldest, we used these Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Training Pants For Girls. They represent a dependable, high-quality option.

Best pull ups with tabs: Huggies

Most pull-ups don’t have tabs that open along the sides, since they are designed to be pulled up and down. However, since children using pull-ups are not fully potty trained, it’s nice to have a tab on the sides that can be opened and refastened if needed. There are three main benefits to having a side tab on pull-ups:

  1. The tabs allow you to easily open and reclose the diaper to check if it’s time for a diaper change.
  1. They allow you to make the pull-up diaper tighter or looser, so you can adjust the fit if necessary.
  1. Side tabs give you the option to change the diaper standing or lying down. This is especially helpful if you need to change the diaper in the standing position and don’t want to remove you child’s clothes and shoes to do so. This instance often comes up in public bathrooms and in daycare or preschool settings.

If you prefer not to use the velcro tabs, these pull-ups can still be pulled on and off, or you can easily tear the side material to remove them.

Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Training Pants also have a built-in moisture indicator. The characters on the pull-ups fade when the diaper becomes wet from urine.

Best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters

Best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters: goodnites

Bedwetting can be a real challenge. Nobody likes waking up to a child and bed soaked in urine! And if you cosleep with a bedwetter, there’s a good chance you are also waking up covered in pee! Now you’ve started your day with having to give your kid a bath, yourself a bath, and wash all the bedding.

Fortunately, GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear offer reliable protection against nighttime leaks. Their five layers of absorbency have a great reputation for holding up against heavy bed wetters.

When buying this product, keep in mind that the fit is uniquely designed specifically for each gender. So if shopping for a boy be sure to pick out the boy’s version, and when shopping for girls buy the girl’s version.

Best pull ups for older bedwetters

Best pull ups for older bedwetters: goodnites

GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear are your best bet for older bedwetters too. Their XL size accommodates weights >140 pounds, to help even your big kids stay dry at night!

No matter the size or gender of your child, the Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear will protect them and keep them comfortable so they can get a good night’s rest, and you can get a good start to your day. 

Best pull ups for sensitive skin

I think it’s great that there are multiple pull-up options for sensitive skin. My oldest daughter had eczema so I know exactly how important caring for sensitive skin can be. Here are two options to consider if your child’s skin is particularly delicate.

Best pull ups for sensitive skin: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Potty Training Pants are designed for sensitive skin. They are free of fragrances, chlorine, and lotions. They are super absorbent and include tear-away sides for easy removal.

Best pull ups for sensitive skin: Natural Blossom

Natural blossom Hypoallergenic Pull Up Pants are also designed for children with sensitive skin. They are vegan certified and certified by dermatology and allergy labs. These pull-ups feature super cute endangered animals printed on them. Natural blossom pull-ups are a great option for parents looking for high-quality training pants that are gentle on their kiddo’s skin.

Best natural pull up diapers

Best natural pull up diapers: Honest Brand

The Honest Company Toddler Training Pants are available in sizes 2T/3T, 3T/4T, and 4T/5T. The diaper materials are free of chlorine, latex, and fragrances. They are made from plant-based textiles and come in super cute designs. This is a pull-up diaper that is eco-friendly and super absorbent, a great option for the environmentally conscious family. 

In Conclusi0n

We’ve reviewed the top 5 pull-up diapers on the market. I hope you found a great option to start your potty training journey. Don’t forget to comment below and share your potty traing tips with the rest of our readers!

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