The Best Postpartum Diapers New Moms Will Love

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If you are expecting to deliver soon or you recently delivered, you need the best postpartum diapers to get you through your postpartum recovery.

In addition to looking after your new baby, you need to look after yourself – and as a new mom, you deserve only the best! That includes postpartum diapers that will keep you dry and free from leaks while recovering from childbirth.

We will review the top options for postpartum diapers. Be sure to add them to your very own DIY postpartum care kit to help you prepare for your postpartum recovery.

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Why Do I Need Postpartum Diapers?

Whether you are recovering from a c section or a vaginal delivery you should expect to have postpartum bleeding. Postpartum bleeding is known as lochia, and it lasts for approximately 6 weeks. Be prepared for a heavy flow for at least the first week (the bleeding will slowly taper off after that).

The first week is when postpartum diapers will really come in handy. The last thing you want to deal with is leaks, stained sheets, and stained clothes during the early days of your recovery.

Some moms choose to use maternity pads, but many mothers prefer postpartum diapers for a more secure feel. 

Maternity pads may shift with movement mainly because they are often bigger and bulkier than regular pads. On the other hand, postpartum diapers function like disposable underwear with built-in absorbent pads aka adult pull-ups. 

Postpartum diapers absorb heavy bleeding and are less likely to leak or stain through to your clothes than wearing a pad and underwear.

When Should I Wear Postpartum Diapers?

If you are new parents, it’s normal to have a lot of questions regarding what to expect.

In my opinion, the best choice is to wear postpartum diapers from the onset of labor. Once labor starts you might have some bleeding and expect your water to break.

If your water breaks before your contractions set in, then that’s the time to put them on. This way you are fully protected as things progress, and for your car ride to the hospital or birthing center.

The hospitals usually provide mesh panties and large pads. They are ok, but in my experience, they are still prone to leaking. So pack a few disposable diapers in your hospital bag.

You can continue to wear them during your hospital stay and at home until your flow lightens up. Then you can switch to underwear and a regular pad.

How To Wear Postpartum Diapers?

Postpartum diapers function like disposable underwear for new mothers during the postpartum healing process.

You can wear them alone or layer other postpartum care essentials inside. Witch hazel pads, perineal ice packs aka peri packs, or homemade padcicles can be layered inside your postpartum diaper.

When you are done you just throw it all away.

Best Postpartum Diapers that moms love

Postpartum Diapers vs Postpartum Pads

Both serve to absorb bleeding after birth, but it is a matter of preference whether to get diapers or pads. We outline here the pros and cons of each:

Postpartum Diapers Pros:

  • They fit snugly
  • They have long back and front padding, so you don’t have to worry about leaks
  • Some can pass for regular underwear

Postpartum Diapers Cons:

  • You have to take the whole diaper off when full and throw it away
  • Some are bulky – it can be obvious you are wearing a diaper
  • Cost more than pads

Postpartum Pads Pros:

  • Easy to change – you don’t have to change your whole underwear
  • You may already have pads, especially if you typically buy them in bulk
  • Less expensive the adult diapers

Postpartum Pads Cons:

  • You will likely have to change your pad more often than a diaper
  • May shift with movement
  • More likely to leak, especially in the first week when you are likely to have a heavy flow

Postpartum Diapers vs Disposable Postpartum Underwear

Disposable postpartum underwear like the Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear are a popular option. Mesh panties that the hospitals provide are another example of disposable panties.

The downside to disposable underwear is they do not have a built-in pad, so you still have to wear a pad with them. These two options are pretty expensive given a built-in pad is not included.

The advantage to disposable postpartum underwear is that you can throw them away after use, making them a better option than normal underwear.

When comparing postpartum diapers to disposable postpartum underwear, postpartum diapers offer the best protection from heavy postpartum vaginal bleeding that you will experience in the first days as a new mom.

What Should I Look For In A Postpartum Diaper?

  • The fit. Postpartum diapers should be snug enough to prevent leaks but comfortable enough not to constrict your belly. C-section moms will want high-rise briefs that don’t irritate the incision site.
  • The material. Your diaper material must be comfortable and durable at the same time. Avoid poor quality that tears easily.
  • The design. Soft, feminine designs make the diaper look and feel like real underwear. It helps to boost a mom’s confidence!
  • The price. We want something that won’t break the bank yet doesn’t compromise on quality. 

The Best Postpartum Diapers

Depend FIT-Flex Incontinence Underwear for Women

These Depend were my postpartum diaper of choice. They are comfortable, high quality, and offer superb protection from leaks.

They offer XL and XXL sizing making them perfect for those postpartum bodies. They are very reasonably priced, especially given the high quality.

They are somewhat bulky though, so if that’s your main concern you might prefer a more discreet option. Given that the only trip I took outside of the house in the first week was to the pediatrician’s office, I thought they were just fine.

They are available on Amazon, but you can also buy them at Costco too! That’s what I did to stock up on them. They lasted me for a few weeks postpartum which was perfect for managing my bleeding without worrying about leaks. I probably wore them longer than I needed to, but I really liked the protection they offered.

Always Discreet Boutique

One of the qualms moms have about wearing postpartum diapers is that diapers are often bulky and unattractive. Always Discreet Boutique are none of that and a whole lot more!

Appearance-wise, they look like regular underwear with a feminine design. They get rave reviews for both quality and performance.


  • Soft and silky
  • Discreet, can even wear with leggings


  • A bit pricier than its counterparts
  • Scented feature may be unpleasent for those sensitive to odors

Depend Silhouette Underwear

Depend Silhouette Protective Underwear are as discreet as ever. They look like regular underwear but with protection that can rival the bulkiest adult diapers.

This product comes in an assortment of four colors to choose from, which makes them feel more like underwear than diapers.


  • Excellent odor control, even when wet
  • Fit like regular panties
  • Discreet under clothing


  • Expensive

Rael Organic Cotton Cover Disposable Underwear

If you are looking for organic postpartum diapers, the Rael Organic Cotton Cover Disposable Underwear is your best pick. It’s equivalent to four maxi pads in terms of fluid absorption. This hybrid period underwear+overnight pad has a cottony top sheet that keeps even sensitive skin comfortable.


  • Made of organic materials – great for sensitive skin!
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Breathable


  • Expensive
  • The design looks more like a diaper than underwear

Tena Incontinence Underwear for Women

This product makes the list of best postpartum diapers for a good reason: they work!

Soft, laminated layers make Tena extremely absorbent. It does not look like a diaper even though there are three layers to this product.

The legs of this Tena Underwear are elastic so that blood won’t flow out. The elastic is stretchy and moves with your body. Therefore, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing adult diapers!


  • Has triple-leak protection
  • Full coverage yet discreet
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Some women encounter sizing problems
  • It may get quite heavy when almost full

Amazon Basic Women’s Protective Underwear

Amazon has joined other brands to provide quality postpartum diapers for women with their own Amazon Basic Women’s Protective Underwear. In all fairness, they’re doing an excellent job of it! 

This postpartum panty has maximum absorbency, so leaks are the least of your worries. Most adult diapers tend to feel hot, but not this one. A cotton-enhanced top sheet wicks away moisture, while the dry-fit technology helps you feel dry for a long time. 

It is one of the most affordable adult diapers on the market. Now that’s something that we love!


  • They come in many different sizes 
  • It has a breathable, dry-feel fabric to keep you comfortable all-day
  • Budget-friendly
  • Built in odor control


  • More bulky and noticeable than other brands.


Comfy, breathable, absorbent postpartum diapers are the secret to a better postpartum experience.

Whether this is your first baby or fifth child, we know how uncomfortable it can be to deal with bleeding during the postpartum period.

Investing in a pack of high-quality postpartum diapers will help keep you feeling dry and clean no matter how long it takes for everything to go back to normal down there!

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