What Is The Ideal Baby Walker For Baby? Top Five Brands Reviewed

VTech First Steps Baby Walker

A baby’s first walk is something that is usually anticipated by the whole family. A baby walker is very essential for every parent.

They are ideal for kids learning to make their first steps, as it makes them feel more comfortable.

As a parent, you can have your time to attend to other chores while your kid entertains themselves with the walker.

However, always keep an eye on your little bundle while they are in their walker especially if your house does have a staircase.

As much as they make parenting easier, they can lead to fatal accidents.

Baby walkers come with toys, music, and activities centers and your child will enjoy being in it as they learn to walk behind it.

Probably we all had walkers as children; they are notorious for being a child’s first walking assistant not to mention the joy they bring to an infant motoring around the floor in their new ride.

The walker also enables the kid to exercise and develop physical fitness not to mention the learning and development which comes with the musical devices.

It is paramount that parents understand the benefits of baby walkers even before they consider finding out what the top brands are.

Here are the top five best baby walkers that are worth trying out.

VTech First Steps Baby Walker

The VTech First Steps Baby Walker weighs only 2.5 kgs and is one of the best options for babies six months and above.

It is appropriate for both girls and boys. Equipped with a baby activity center which is detachable for extra function, the center expands the child’s mind with an introduction to animals, letters, words, numbers, colors, and shapes.

It also assists infants to develop hand-eye coordination and even their motor skills, just by pushing its right height handle.

At the front is an impressive mobile phone that gives the long-lasting fun, It also captures the infant’s attention by use of a sun that lights up.

By playing with the walker’s great shape sorters, moving gears, barn doors and rollers, Infants can develop the ability to manipulate objects.

VTech Sit-Stand Learning Walker

The VTech Sit-Stand Learning baby walker is one of the fantastic baby walkers in this category.

It comprises unique features aimed at developing the motor skills and healthy development of infants.

It is an interactive learning tool that comes with piano for entertainment and enhancing creativity in children.

The wheels are nothing to worry about if the walker is for use on carpets and floors due to their sturdy nature.

It also has light up buttons which are easy to push for toddlers; it is firm and therefore can last long.

With over 70 songs, it offers the best entertainment for toddlers who are learning to walk, hence their best choice.

Disney Lights and Music Walker

This is one walker that offers fun and entertainment just as the name suggests. It has been in high demand due to its exclusive features that include sturdy wheels; this makes it move with ease on floors and carpets.

The Disney characters and ray features promote motor skills and a healthy development on the kid.

Its other features are a padded seat for more comfort, which is also easy to clean and a snack tray.

It is adjustable to different heights and highly portable, with a maximum eight of 30 pounds.

Fisher Price Beginnings Activity Walker

Equipped with a variety of baby activities, infants can flip doors and slide beads on the activity center.

It has a multisensory stimulation which makes it easier for the baby to develop walking skills.

Its panels that feature attractive artwork dazzles the infant’s attention and a spinning ball in the middle enhance more motor skills development and fun.

The gears on the front turn as the baby push the walker which provides an additional source of stimulation; this also helps develop motor skills for the infant.

Due to its compact size, and an approximate weight of less than one kg, it folds up easily for transport and storage.

It is an ideal walker for an infant’s first steps, perfect for children three months to three years old.

LeapFrog Scout’s Go Walker

The Leap Frog activity center on the Scout and Friends walker has interactive sounds that speak to the infant on command.

It spins a bundle of balls and plays the alphabet song when the infant turns the spinner.

The variety of activities helps stimulates the infant’s young mind; aids develop their motor skills.

On the right side of the walker are educational buttons that play piano sounds, or name letters when pushed by the infant.

It’s push handle that can be adjusted as your baby grows. New walkers can also play with it on the floor since the handle folds down.

Its sturdy wheels have a grip texture which guarantees additional stability to the infant.

Benefits of a baby walker

There are several mixed reports on the variety of interests of many children’s toys and activity centers.

However, though there are no conclusive studies that have verified the actual benefits of baby walkers, jumpers, or baby swings for infants, we all make our judgments anyway.

Entertainment value

This is the number one benefit of acquiring a baby walker.

Does it have lots of toys and wheels to get around?

Is there a tray area for snacks?

Babies love to explore through play, listen to stimulating music and sounds, touch and feel different shapes and textures as they try things out.

Baby walkers serve the purpose of keeping your baby busy and occupied at the same time enjoying every moment.

Pre-walking tool

A baby walker provides the help to maintain your child’s balance as they learn to stand and hold themselves upright.

This prevents them from falling and hurting themselves as they try to make their first steps.

Having a walker prevents them from rolling down the stairs too.


Having a walker is much like when you acquired your new car. The joy of being able to freely maneuver around a central area results to a further stimulation to every infant.

A walker helps them explore moving to various parts of your home, explore with different toys and listen to all sorts of sounds.

Of course, a kid should never be left alone unsupervised and having your infant in a baby walker is no exception.

Essential Things To Look For In A Baby Walker

There seems to be a growing concern over the use of the seated baby walker and the benefits it provides versus the risk associated with having your kid moving away from you.

Many of these advocates are now voicing the preference of a standalone activity center or a stationary baby jumper.

Nonetheless, the significant concerns seem to be that for every child falling down the stairs or pulling something off a counter, the reason being there is a parent that left their child unsupervised.

If you believe that a baby needs monitoring at all times, and still love the idea of a baby walker, then look at the features that you would be interested in.

A toy center with sounds and lights– These are important for the maximum entertainment of your baby.

Kids love varieties of toys with flashy colors and tones. Choose something with different shapes and textures your baby touch can play with.

Also choose one with a variety of music tunes, listening to one song repetitively will be monotonous and boring.

Kids have preferences, and the range is essential so that they can choose what interests them.

Adaptability- Your baby will grow; therefore, it wise to choose a baby walker that can grow with them and be used for a longer time.

Choose one with adjustable heights, comfortable padded seats, and adaptable functions.

A food tray- A food tray is essential for your baby to snack as they get entertained on the baby walker.

Safety-As much as babies love freedom, they need to be safe as they explore.

Look for a broad base baby walker that will stop them from venturing into places where they shouldn’t.

Brake pads- Brake pads will help prevent your kid from falling down the stairs as they enjoy their new ride.

Brake pads will also help in reducing your baby’s speed as they play so that they don’t go too fast.

Therefore, minimize their chances of them getting injured.

Stationary feature to prevent the walker from moving altogether, if you don’t want them to move at all.

It is evident that not all walkers have the same features. These are just the main features on the top-rated baby walkers, there are other valuable options, and you only need to select essential aspects for yourself.

Seated baby walker vs. Sit-to-Stand baby walker

The seated baby walker has the option for the kid to play and have snacks

The standing baby walker seems to be the best choice to help baby experiment standing on their own

Factors to consider when selecting a baby walker brand over another


All parents love to purchase the best item for their kids. However, it is important to get value for your hard earned money at the same time show your kid you treasure them.

Compare prices from different sellers; get the best item for the least amount. Remember your baby will soon outgrow the walker and they won’t have to use it anymore after they learn to walk.

Spend a reasonable amount for an item that will serve the purpose.

Brands trustworthiness and reputation

Unfortunately, not all customers are linked to creative packaging.

Most people are likely to believe a brand that has been on the market for years, we all are comfortable with what is familiar.

Kids have preferences; a name that has a good reputation is more likely to exchange the item for you in case your kid doesn’t like it.

Product allure

Consider how a product looks, compared with others, every one of us loves beautiful things, and your kid does as well.

Choose something that interests both you and the baby; an excellent looking walker will encourage your baby to want to explore and at the same time play more.

Brand name

The way the brand name sounds and the images it evokes should determine your purchase decisions.

If the name is appealing, the product is more likely to interest your baby than a boring brand is too hard to spell.

No one wants to buy an item and replace it after a couple of days. It is good to find out if your choice will stand the test of time as it serves the purpose.

Choose a walker that is strong and durable. Babies play a lot, and if it is not strong, it will end up being broken in a few days especially if your baby is very active.

Choices of peers- We all buy the best items to impress. The next time you shop for that baby walker also consider the preferences of your friends and peers. Creative package design is crucial because it must convey quality and success.

Now that you understand the benefits of baby walkers and the qualities to look out for when you decide to surprise your baby with the best present.


Kids have preferences just like adults, as much as some are too small to utter even a single word.

As a parent It is paramount you understand that they all get bored hence desire fancy things with music, various toys to experiment with, colors, cartoons, and animals.

Therefore, it is imperative you choose the best item that best suits your child’s preferences.

Understand the toys that your kid love, the games they love playing, the colors that interest them, and the toys that might make them happy.

This way it will be easier to choose the best baby walker for them. Above all, remember to select an item that is strong and durable for kids love playing a lot lest you will be forced to have another piece in just a few days.

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Baby walkers will keep your little one mobile and entertained. We have reviewed the safest baby walker brands for your little one. #babywalkers


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