Best Baby Bassinet: Looking For A Safe Sleeping Bassinet For Your Infant? 

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It’s your first pregnancy, and everyone keeps telling you to consider a baby bassinet in your registry. What’s the fuss with getting one? You wonder. You can co-sleep in your bed or get a baby crib for your baby anyway?

Well, if you have a C- section, trust me, you do not even want to struggle putting your little one in their crib. And it’s not only for those moms who have had a C-Section, bassinets are saviors! Literally…

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A baby bassinet is simply a smaller version of a baby crib. They are comfortable for the baby and convenient for the parents. A co sleeper bassinet offers your infant a small and cozy space to sleep and is ideal for a parent who would love to co-sleep. Furthermore, bassinets are easy to move from one room to the other so that the parent is able to always keep watch over the baby as they nap. With a baby bassinet, you do not have to keep running in and out of the bedroom to check on your infant.

Since you are already here, you probably are interested in buying one. Before you start shopping, here is a little guide for the best bassinet.

Why do you need a bassinet for your little one?

1.Practical for parents who prefer co-sleeping

If you would like to share a room with your child, but cannot get a baby crib, then a bassinet is highly recommended. It is much safer than sharing a bed with your newborn. There are so many advantages of co-sleeping, which is highly recommended by the AAP. One of them is the reduced risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

2.Budget friendly

Can’t afford a baby crib yet? No need to beat yourself up. A portable bassinet works just fine in the first few months. However, you will still need to save up for a crib because once your baby starts to move around on their own, they are no longer safe in there.

3. They are portable.

If you need to go away from home, it may be impossible to carry along your baby crib especially if you will be gone for a few days.

However, some bassinets are just easy to move around. They are light in weight and compact.

If you like visiting family, then a bassinet is your perfect baby buy.

4. They make night diaper changes and feedings bearable

Since you are sharing a room with your baby, you will not have to wake up in the middle of the night and start moving around. You only need to have all the necessary items in your room and you save yourself the hustle of moving from room to room.

In addition, most baby bassinets are easy to reach. They are convenient for the mother especially if she just had a C-section.

5. Considerate for Caregivers

If you have hired an elderly caregiver to take care of your infant, then a bassinet would be a thoughtful buy. It eliminates the need for them to keep running up and down the stairs to check up on your little one. This way, your baby will be well taken care of.

What are the disadvantages of bassinets?

baby in snoo bassinet

As much as they come with a hoard of benefits, they too come with their downsides. Let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages.

They will take up more space

If your bedroom is small, they will take up more of that tiny space you already have. When buying a bassinet, go for one that will be able to come to the level of your bed as much as possible

A baby will outgrow it so fast

When your infant begins to roll and sit up without any assistance, it’s time to move them off the bassinet.

May feel confining

Babies are just funny! You may think your baby will like being in the bassinet, but it’s entirely the opposite for them. The baby may feel their movements are limited. While others may like being in tiny spaces, others may loathe it! If you just bought one, pray that your baby likes small spaces.

When is the right time to start using a bassinet?

A portable bassinet is meant for use immediately your baby is home from the hospital. They are absolutely safe. This way, you are able to monitor your little one throughout the clock.

However, you should be keen on the weight limits of your baby bassinet. One of the easiest ways to know your baby has outgrown their travel bassinet are the travel guidelines. Be very keen on that.

Also, if your infant is able to crawl, or support themselves with heir arms, its time to say goodbye to a bassinet.

Tips for choosing a co sleeper bassinet

baby in peaceful sleep

Your baby is the most important thing, so you want to be sure to make the right choice of a bassinet for them.

Here are a few considerations

Safety standardizations

Be keen on the safety measures and standards. Check for JPMA or ASTM labels. Although these labels aren’t a surety that the travel bassinet is completely safe, it shows there is some safety compliance met.

If the bassinet you are interested in doesn’t have any safety label, cross check some features. If it seems to lay more emphasis on beauty and not baby safety, just pass it. When it comes to anything babies, it is the small details that count.

Always buy new, do not accept hand me downs

I know mom; times are really tough and saving that extra money means a lot. However, when it comes to your baby, do not accept a used portable bassinet. There may have been recalls, and apart from that, there is always a continuous safety change in safety standards.

Furthermore, chances are that it might be missing some important components.

Hard and thin mattress

The best bassinet mattress should be thin and firm. They should be like that to prevent blockage of baby’s airways which causes SIDS. Don’t worry about your baby being uncomfortable. Your baby will just be fine!

Ease of cleaning

Before you make that final decision and pick up your preferred bassinet, consider ease of cleaning. Are the parts easy to remove? Do you need extra bassinet sheets or do they come with it? If yes, how many? Babies can be messy, so you will definitely need extra pairs.

Size and Weight

What do you plan to use your bassinet for? Once you answer this, then you will be able to consider size and weight. If you want a travel bassinet or a portable bassinet for use in the house, then it goes without say you will ultimately need a lightweight one.

If you will need to put it in the bedroom, get one that is small in size and fits without cramping up your space.

Safe Bassinet use: Safety Tips

When you have brought a bassinet home for your baby’s use, it’s important to take into consideration some safety precautions.

1.Assemble the bassinet properly

Once you are ready to use the bassinet, ensure you assemble it precisely according to the manufacturers instructions. Even the best baby bassinet can become dangerous to your little one if improperly assembled. If you realize after setting it up there are still unused screws and other pieces left, you have done it the wrong way. Start all over again!

2.Always keep mobile bassinets wheels locked

If you have a mobile bassinet, always ensure the wheels are locked before placing your baby in it. A locked mobile bassinet does not have the risk of being pushed by younger children or a pet and rolling over when the little one is in.

3.One bassinet, one child

If you have not bought a twin bassinet, then the rest of the bassinets are meant to be used by only one child at a time. Putting two kids in there is a big safety failure.

4.Do not leave stuff in the bassinet

Hey mom, you little one doesn’t need a pillow! Neither do they need bumpers or stuffed animals. They will do just fine. Although you may think they are comforting, they pose a danger to your little one.

5.Check the bassinet mattress support.

Once you have your bassinet at home, double check it to ensure the mattress is well supported. It shouldn’t bend. In addition, it should not dip especially at the center. If it dips at the center when your baby is inside, this is a sign of low quality. Return it back to the seller as it’s not even safe for your baby.

Further, use the bassinet mattress that the manufacturer has provided. It is usually well fitted for the bassinet which ensures there aren’t gaps in between. Use also the right bassinet sheets as they are meant to fit perfectly. Do not use regular sheets or any other replacement as they can pose a risk to the baby.

6.Do not move a bassinet when a child is inside

If you need to carry the bassinet. Take your child out. Move it to where you want it to be, then place your child inside after that.

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