Baby Names That Mean Ghost, Spirit, Or Soul

names that mean spirit warrior

Baby names that mean ghost, spirit, or soul are rare and unique. Choosing a name for babies is normally a pure battle of personalities. 

Different parents will want different names with varied meanings. It could be a result of preferences, culture, or just idiosyncrasies. 

 There are as many names as there are people in the world, and the process of choosing a baby name can be quite an adventure. 

The meaning and origin of names is a common factor many parents consider before choosing a name for their child.

While some are conservative and cautious, some are daring and adventurous. 

Although there may be a lot of superstitions associated with such names, they are still an excellent pick for parents who don’t mind paranormal names and occurrences. 

If this is you and the spirit world piques your interest, check out these baby names meaning soul, spirit, or ghost. 


Names That Mean Ghost 

Ghosts are supposed to be scary, but they don’t have to be. 

People are now getting their creeps under control and realizing that a lot of good can come from ghosts – such as unique ghostly names like these ones here. 


Derived from the French, Genevieve is a classy and timeless name that means ‘white phantom.’ Genevieve is perfect if you’re looking for a three-syllable name that means ghost. 


Yurei is an exotic Japanese name that is perfect as a unisex name. It’s the word for ‘ghost’. It’s a simple name that is easy to pronounce and one that blends easily with other names.

If you haven’t found the gender yet and want to preserve a gender-neutral name for your boy or girl, this is an awesome choice. 

baby names meaning ghost or spirit


Gujarati names are exotic, and Axar is a perfect example. This boy’s name is the word for ghost in Gujarati. 


Morrigan is a name of Irish origin that means, phantom queen.”

It’s a unique name, and it’s a wonderful deviation from the common and almost similar pronunciation name Morgan. 


In the Basque language, the word, “Mamua” means ghost.

It also makes for a wonderful name if you’re seeking monikers beginning with ‘M’ or three-syllable baby names. 

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Sometimes, you just want a name that sounds common, but with a twist.

Yennifer is an excellent option for a pretty little girl who’ll grow up to be unafraid of ghost stories. It means “white phantom’ and it’s of Welsh origin. 


Malagasy names are bound to be unique and exotic, and Masina is one of them.

Masina is Malagasy for ‘ghost’. If you live in a different part of the world, far from the highland of Madagascar, you’ll be turning heads with this name. 


This cooler version of Eugene is a lovely choice for a little boy.

The name is derived from German and it means ‘strong sword carrier.” It’s a ghost name derived from Ghostbusters as well. 

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Keres was the ghost of gloom and death in Greek mythology.

Greek mythology is a favorite for people who are looking for mystic names for their babies, and Greek never disappoints. 


How often do you meet a person whose name is derived from Vietnamese?

Well, be one of the first in your hood by adopting this beautiful name that means ghost. Tien is short and cute, and it means ‘ghost’. 


Single-syllable names are cute and versatile since they can pair excellently with any name. Cade is a diminutive of Caden and is of Welsh origin. 

Names Meaning Spirit

The concept of evil and good spirits has many people on edge oftentimes, but some people have no qualms discussing and learning about the spirit world.

Spirit-inspired names are one-of-a-kind if the list below is anything to go by.


 Japanese names were previously just reserved for the Japanese, but as the naming culture crosses borders and cultures, they have become more and more popular.  

Ryuu is a gorgeous name that means, ‘dragon spirit’. It’s an excellent choice for a boy. 

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They don’t get as exotic as this, and this is a Korean word for ‘spirit’. If you’re looking for a baby name meaning spirit, this is a a great pick. 


This gorgeous girl’s name is derived from Hebrew, and it’s one of the classiest names for baby girls.

Ariel means ‘lion of God’ and it represents the strong spirit of God. 

names that mean spirit warrior


Shen is a Japanese name that means ‘spirit’. Japanese names are exotic and rare, it’ll take a trip to Japan to find another Shen. 


This is a that is also used by the Native American people Hopi tribe. The name means ‘warrior mother spirit’ and is excellent for a girl. 


Avira is another spirit-inspired name that is derived from Aramaic. The name Avira means ‘spirit, air, atmosphere.”

If you’re searching for a spirit-inspired name that also has some nature connotation, then this is a good option. 


Originating from Native America, Kotori is an uncommon name that’s common among the Hopi tribe.

Owls are associated with the spirit world and sometimes bad omens. Kotori means ‘screech owl spirit’ and is a good pick if superstitions aren’t your thing. 


Boasting of Algonquin origin, the name Achak means ‘spirit.’

It’s a great choice for the person who needs a name starting with A or a two-syllable name spirit-world inspired name. 


Coming from Czech, Dusa means ‘spirit.’ If you want to settle for a two-syllable name with an association with the spirit world, then you’ll love Dusa. 

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This name is a longer version of the name Dusa.

Adding the ‘n’ at the end makes the name less foreign, and both versions are excellent. 


 If you’re contemplating giving your little girl a ghost name, then you’ve already proved that you’re an adventurous soul yourself.

You’ll then love Spyridoula, because it’s unique, long, and somewhat a little off the norm.

Spyridoula is a Greek name that means ‘ghost spirit’ or ‘little spirit’. Be ready for a lot of, “Spri … what now?” in the future. 


If you thought Spyridoula but you got a boy instead, don’t worry.

There are enough ghost spirit names to go around. Spiridon is the masculine version of the name Spyridoula.


There’s a lot to love about this song – It’s cute, it’s three-syllables and it’s Basque.

Arima means ‘spirit’ and is a powerful girl name. 

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Baby names meaning Soul 


Kneph is the name of the Egyptian god of animals and spirit. If you’re seeking a spirit-inspired name with an African touch, Kneph is the name you’re looking for.

It’s versatile and short, and easy to blend with a middle and last name. This name means, ‘soul breath’. 


There are times when you’re seeking a name that means ‘soul or spirit, and sometimes, you get one that means all of the above. Hewie is such a name.

Deriving its name from the Scottish and Old Germain, Hewie is a girl’s name that means, ‘soul’, ‘mind’, and ‘spirit’.

Hewie is an excellent choice when you just can’t decide which meaning you love more. 

 A girl with ghost names meaning soul spirit


 Alma is a gorgeous name of Latin origin. There’s a lot to love about this name, and although it’s not generic and all over the place today, it’s a pretty common name that’s still classy.

Alma means “soul”. It also interprets to mean “a child that lifts your soul or spirit,” and isn’t that the essence of children? 


Adopting names that mean ghost or spirit also means you will have to be content with less-than-normal sounding names.

But that’s not a problem especially since normal isn’t want you’re seeking with these names. If you’re daring enough, adopt the name Aatamgosh for your baby.

It’s a Hindu name whose meaning is ‘inner light’ or ‘soul’


Made famous by the Indian philosopher, Mahatama Gandhi, Mahatama is a wonderful name that means, “great soul.”

It’s a Sanskrit name and you can use it as both a first or middle name. 


Native America is a wonderful source of paranormal names, as they are cast deep into the spirit world.

This name is a superb choice for parents who don’t mind long names. The four-syllable name means ‘white spirit’. 

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How often do you meet people whose names are derived from Kazakhstan?

Well, people will soon start hearing this often once you adopt it for your baby. Nurzhan means “light soul.”


Roho is a cute Swahili word for ‘spirit or soul.” It’s a wonderful short name perfect for both girls and boys. 


Also derived from Swahili, Moyo means, ‘heart and soul.” It’s sometimes used interchangeably with Roho. 


If you chose a name that means spirit or ghost, be sure to have a few mouths agape when you tell people the meaning and origin of your baby’s name.

Naming a child is an extremely personal affair, I’d be wonderful not to let opinions get to you. The names don’t have to be creepy either, these supernatural meaning names can be quite fun. Enjoy the journey and the name-shopping. 


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baby names that mean spirit or ghost

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