How To Fold Baby Einstein Jumper

how to fold baby einstein jumper

Is your little one excited about exploring her immediate environment like an adult? Why not  usher her to the fun and exciting world she’s always remained fascinated about with a foldable Baby Einstein Activity Jumper?baby einstein jumper

A Baby Einstein Jumper is the right baby jumper for your sweet cutie to swivel freely, bouncing as she walks and learns about the environment around her.

This baby jumper comes with a set of toys and lots of playthings. This guarantees the toddler endless fun and an opportunity to learn, all at the same time. It comes with a kid-sized mirror for your little one’s self-discovery.

Why buy a Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

With over ten different baby jumpers, Baby Einstein is a household name in the world of baby jumpers.

Their assortments are highly revered, thanks to their super-fantastic features, their guaranteed durability, and the excellent customer satisfaction, expressed via the countless 5-star ratings they have.

This Baby Einstein Activity Jumper, however, isn’t any different.

Forget about its comfortable padded seat that swivels 360-degrees or even the cool adjustable graphics that ensures your charming little one never gets bored.

Its wide range of entertainment and developmental playthings give your child a perfect dose of enjoyment and education at the same time.

how to fold baby einstein jumper

Assembling and disassembling it is a breeze

Actually, one of the things that make Baby Einstein Jumper a lovely choice for many is the ease of assembling and taking down it.

All the parts perfectly fit in each other and the whole process takes a little less than five minutes.

Assembling starts from the bottom where you first connect all the four frames that form the base to each other.

To assemble it, follow this procedure on how to fold baby Einstein jumper:

    1. Connect the four frames to each other. Two of them, identified by an ‘easy-to-push’ button on each end, will have to be connected to the other two that don’t have the buttons until you hear a “Click” sound. Essentially, you will have to form a base on which the jumper will stand.
    2. Next, connect the other ends of the base to a unit. Again, doing this, as illustrated by the pictures on the manual, is easy – you push the ends of the base into the respective parts on the unit.
    3. With the base formed, the next step is to assemble the upper frame. You will have to form an arch that leads down to the unit on the base. Connecting each of the two frames that form the arch isn’t complex as you will have the procedures on the user manual. However, just make sure that the arch is firmly in place.
    4. After you have connected the two arches to the unit at the base of the jumper, you should be able to fasten the straps to the compartment where the padded seat will be placed.
    5. The toys will have to be in place as well. You will need to use a screwdriver to open the play station and put batteries inside.

The whole procedure is as simplified as what I’ve just captured here. You should be aware that everything that comes in the original package is useful. Never discard any part.

How to Clean A Baby Einstein Jumper

After days of constant usage, your kid’s favorite jumper will soon get drooled all over.

The baby jumper’s padded seat will lose its original look because of the food and drinks spilled on it.

However, you shouldn’t feel alarmed that perhaps cleaning and disinfecting it will be a complex endeavor. Follow this steps to clean your baby Einstein jumper.

    • Start by removing the seat pad – simply hold the bottom of the exersaucer with your feet and pull the seat upwards. Next, you may wash it with a machine cleaner or go for the unconventional way and use a vacuum cleaner.
    • With the seat cleaned, the rest of the parts, especially the toys can be removed for quick and easy cleaning. You just toss the plastic playthings in a dishwasher or even wash them the ordinary way using babyganics foaming soap. If they don’t look too messy, however, just wipe them and put them back on the baby jumper.

Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap

    • If you have Lysol wipes, then you may use it on all the other plastic-made parts. Finally, when cleaning the exersaucer, vinegar does an amazing job in disinfecting it.

antibacterial wipes for wiping a baby jumper

Folding the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper isn’t something complex at all. 

While designing this baby jumper, it’s good to note that Baby Einstein didn’t think about the kid alone.

They clearly knew that you, as the parent, would need a light, foldable, and travel-friendly or storable jumper for your little one. Thus, they have made this product a nice, easily-foldable jumper to allow convenient, flat storage.

Ideally, this jumper should come with an instruction manual with directions on how to fold it the right way. But even if it comes with none, I know it might take you a little while before you grasp the directions.

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How to fold baby Einstein jumper for storage.

  1. First, you will have to move the four rolling balls that attach the jumper’s padded seat to the two upright arch bars. Move them up to the fabric-wrapped area.
  2. Next, hold one end of the arch bar and pull it as you press the hub’s release button to release it. Keep pulling until you have removed it from the hub.
  3. Once done, apply the same procedure on the other end of the frame, gently pulling it. You will also follow the same procedure on the other arch bar until you have removed all the four hub connections.
  4. By now, the arch frames should be lying flat and collapsed at the top of the main base frame.
  5. With the correct procedures followed, you may now store your baby jumper conveniently.




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