What Is The Best Automatic Baby Rocker? Here Is Our Guide

Graco Oasis swing

A baby keeps the mother very busy; the reason why the best automatic baby rocker is a must have for all parents. Motherhood is a great feeling that every parent looks forward to.

However, parenting rigors may easily overshadow the joy if one lacks the necessary items. Rest is essential for every new mother, who still requires time to undertake other household chores.

Therefore, a variety of products have come up to reduce the burden of taking care of your little angel. One of those essential products are automatic baby rockers or auto baby swings/gliders.

These rockers provide a fun and stimulating motion for a baby, while your hands are free for a bit.  But how do you pick the best baby rocker swing that aligns with your lifestyle? And when can baby actually start using an automatic rocker? We have all that answered right here. Follow along…

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A Review Of The Top 5 Automatic Baby Rockers

Graco Oasis swing

Graco Oasis swing

The Graco Oasis comes with a soothe surround Technology and vibration giving your baby five soothing environments depending on a child’s preferences.

Made of plush fabric and body which you can remove as your baby grows, it has a unique seat with two recline positions for maximum comfort.

With a removable light shielding canopy and an AC plug, this is the perfect electric baby swing for the modern parent.  With 5 points of harness for safety, it has soft shades of grey which are ideal to for soothing your baby even more.


  • The seat recliner is adjustable for maximum comfort of your baby.
  • Has 5 points harness which is essential for your baby’s safety.


  • Its ability to vibrate can cause the baby to wake up if the bouncing motion stops.
  1. BABYBJORN Bouncer

The BABYBJORN bouncer is a plug in automatic baby rocker. However, it doesn’t require batteries since it runs on fun alone.  It only needs your child’s movements to rock its chair. Your baby will enjoy while developing his/her motor skills naturally.

The mother can even calm a newborn by just bouncing the chair with her feet or hands.

With a high head and back support, it has a fitted fabric seat which molds itself into your baby’s body evenly distributing the weight.

It can serve the purpose of a baby rocker chair until the age of two when your baby can play and walk, but you can still use it until your baby can sit upright.

In addition, it is easy to fold, hence, an ideal choice for storage when traveling. The automatic rocker for baby can be used for babies from birth to two years with a weight of 3.5kgs to 13.5 kgs.

Made of 100% cotton material, it is best for your baby’s delicate skin. When dirty, toss the fabric in the washing machine and it’s clean in a matter of minutes.


  • The strong head and back support makes it essential for a newborn whose muscles are still fragile and need more assistance.
  • It can serve the purpose of a baby rocker chair even for your two-year-old baby.
  • Ideal for trips.
  • I for your baby because it has a cotton fabric for more comfort.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The fact that it doesn’t use batteries it can limit you to use only near power outlets.
  • Cannot be used in case of power blackouts.
  1. The 4Moms Plush mamaRoo

Buy your baby the best automatic baby rocker. It has beautiful colors
With a detachable mobile and toy bar, three harness points and waterproof design, it moves as fast as the baby’s mother!

It comprises of 5 unique motions, five speeds, and four inbuilt sounds. It is compatible with mp3 and has an adjustable seat recline.


  • The various flexible seat reclining positions makes it possible for you to adjust as your baby grows.
  • The inbuilt sounds enable you to listen to music from your iPod.
  • Removable toys give your baby the option to play wherever they want with their toys.
  • Its waterproof design makes it easy to clean.


  • Its variety of motions, speeds, and sound can make it not an ideal choice for newborns who require hours of uninterrupted sleep.
  1. Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer 

Moonlight meadow plug in baby swing perfect for a newborn baby
The Deluxe bouncer comes equipped with music, sounds, and vibrations to soothe your baby. It comprises of two hands-free rocking speeds and two customizable models. Its plush fabric provides the much-needed comfort for your baby.


  • Made of comfortable fabric
  • Its variety of music and sounds soothe your baby to sleep without you having to cuddle them.


  • The toy bar has a variety of toys, therefore,  increasing the chances of some of the toys falling and hurting your baby.
  1. Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh

Get this automatic rocker for baby with hanging toys and lots of music and sounds

This is one automatic rocker for baby which is very affordable as compared to others, it has a soft fabric and features your baby will love.

Its packed with a variety of sounds to keep your baby soothed and entertained. It has as many as seven different melodies designed to calm your baby. It comes with a vibration function that will help prevent your baby from crying.


  • Its soft fabric will make your baby comfortable.
  • Variety of sounds to choose from depending on your baby’s preferences.
  • Your baby will be less likely to cry due to the vibration function,hence,give you time to do other chores.


  • Noise from most of the parts makes it less appropriate to use for your newborn
  • The vibration may cause your baby to wake up when the bouncing stops.
  1. Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Bouncer

This unisex automatic baby rocker seat is a practical baby shower gift

This is the best automatic baby rocker for the baby who loves bouncing around. It can be purchased when new, but it is also available when gently used on Amazon at a slightly cheaper price. It guarantees your baby 30 minutes of motion that imitates the mood of the mother.

With a cradle made of quality fabric, it is a cozy design. Equipped with 8 melodies, three nature sounds plus a gentle rhythm heartbeat, it can be an ideal choice for pre-baby purchase because of its variety of gender-neutral colors. It also has bars with two plush toys and is machine washable.


  • Available in used but good condition for parents on a tight budget
  • The best choice for pre-baby purchase due to its variety of gender-neutral colors
  • Has a variety of melodies and sounds
  • Extremely comfortable and easy to clean


  • Its variety of fun sound and melodies makes it less appropriate for newborns who require many hours of sleep.
  1. Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Deluxe Soothe ‘n Play Glider

    This baby rocker sleeper automatic bouncer is unisex. You can shop for it before baby comes

The Glide soother is portable and can be connected to a cradle rocker that suits feeding and napping. It has a turtle tot attached to it with a variety of other dangling toys to offer your baby the best fun time.

This baby automatic rocker has four glide motions, each different from the other, which move in different directions and can be set to suit the wants of your baby,

Furthermore,  it also has 12 musical tunes, three nature sounds, 2 seat reclining positions, three gliding speeds, and 360 degrees of sea pivots.


  • Comes with a variety of toys for best entertainment.
  • It has a wide selection of musical tunes and nature sounds.
  • Reclining positions for your baby’s best comfort.


  • May not be ideal for newborns due to the many of musical tunes.
  • Dangling toys can fall and harm your baby when playing.

Automatic Baby Rocker Buying Guide

All of us have different preferences, below are some important attributes to consider when shopping for the best automatic baby rocker.


Every mother wants to keep sight of their baby while still doing other household chores. A light item is easy to move around as compared to a heavy one.

Methods of cleaning

No mother wants to keep their baby in a dirty place; a removable fabric comes in handy since a baby is most likely to mess around with food and milk spills.

A waterproof cover is easy to clean or wipe hence a good option. A removable material is also a good choice since it can be removed, washed, and replaced.

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Qualities of the Seat

The best baby rocker chair should serve the purpose of the mother’s arms, while the mother is busy and not able to hold their baby.  Newborns need many hours of sleep and require a lot of comfort, while older babies like looking around, therefore, need to be kept more upright.

An Adjustable seat serves all purposes; your baby can feed, play or nap. It can even swing hence useful for longer.

The seat depth is also essential in providing more soothing for the baby. However, newborn babies need much soothing as compared to older babies; a deep seat would be the best choice for a young baby.

A removable cover is ideal; it makes cleaning easier either by washing or wiping it.

The seat padding determines the coziness and amount of motion; it should not be very thick as this restricts movement. It also should not be very thin as this will lead to discomfort of your baby.

A head support that is consolidated is ideal; this is very important in protecting your little ones neck as they bounce. It is wise to choose a head support that is removable so as to be able to use the baby auto rocker when your child’s neck gets stronger.

The Design

The best automatic baby rocker is able to bounce in rhythmically as the baby moves their legs or hands. This keeps your little one entertained and also encourages them to play and enjoy more.

Mode of Powering

The ideal option has both batteries and an automatic plug-in option. If it is only limited to using cells, they can run through quickly which is expensive in the long run. If it is limited to plug in, its flexibility is limited which hinders you from moving your baby to desirable positions.

A baby automatic rocker that has both is ideal. Sometimes you might need to use it outside your home where there is no power, in case of a blackout, the batteries will help keep the enjoyable moments going despite the darkness.

The Looks

Most parents prefer something that looks nice, has an appealing color and blends well with the rest of the items in the house. Choosing the best option that suits your preferences is critical.

Most parents hate the idea of their home being crowded by baby stuff; there are several options to choose from though.

Kids also like bright colors and are thrilled by cartoons and wild animals. The ideal baby rocker sleeper should have this to make your baby happier.


Price of the portable baby swing should be pocket-friendly, considering that a new baby comes with many other expenses. It is advisable for one to window shop to get the best bargain for the least amount.  This should not be a problem since there are a variety of options in the market.


The right automatic rocker for baby is one that is flexible, can last longer and is not heavy, this eases portability to different locations whether inside or outside the house.

Safety Harness

No one wants their baby to fall and get injured as they bounce. There are several portable baby swings in the market, but most of them provide a 3-point safety harness. However, the best has a 5-point safety harness which keeps your little angel well fastened and secure as they bounce.


Your baby wouldn’t want to be kept in one place all the time, older babies like to stare and have a look at different environments. A canopy is, therefore, crucial for it aids in portability of the item when you want your baby to be near the window or outdoors.

Toys and music

A variety of toys of different colors will keep your baby busy for long hours while being entertained by the music. Most babies like being lulled to sleep, a vibration system will make it easier for your baby to nap without you having to cuddle them.

Babies above six months are somehow active and can enjoy stimulating fun and variety while newborns need time to sleep a lot. For them, a simple automatic baby rocker will be the best choice as compared to one with loud bells and whistles, this will make them relax better in a noise-free environment.  Music is very soothing to both you and your baby.

Motion settings

A baby rocker automatic chair with a variety of sound settings is better since it gives you the opportunity to try out and choose what your baby prefers.

Repetition of a single tune can also be monotonous to both you and your baby. One which can play music from an mp3 device* is even a better option due to added variety.


Most parents like to keep their babies occupied by buying them different items because they want the best for their little ones. Baby swings are excellent as sleep aids, but bouncers are the best choices concerning cost efficiency and space.

If you want a variety of options for every room in your home, then you can get a baby swing for your nursery and an automatic baby rocker which is the best choice for moving around. That way, you can keep sight of your little angel as you clean, iron, or cook.

But if you have limited space and your budget can’t allow you, this will not be a good idea. Instead, you can choose items that serve two, three or more purposes.


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